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PW alert: H2O testing ?

Have you ever used the little water hardness testing strips that use a color change to determine hardness? Do you think they're accurate? I got one with my last diaper order and was surprised to see that it indicated our water was pretty hard we don't use a softener and don't really have any scale buildup anywhere.
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Re: PW alert: H2O testing ?

  • Waiting on my strips now. The local CD shop swears by them and the owner will send them to anyone who is having stink issues to help them decide if changing detergent is the answer or if the water is the problem.

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  • Yes, I've tested ours for a NCDR reason and found them to be pretty spot-on.

    Also, FWIW, most people have hard water unless you have a water softener or a great municipal provider.

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  • Good to know, thanks. We're in a newish house and our water here is SO much better than our other one that I just assumed it was softish.
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  • When we moved, I didn't even think to test the water until we were having serious issues with our microfiber and bath towels. I used one of the water strip tests that Rockin Green sells and it turns out we have crazy hard water. Fun!

    Good luck!


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