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Another S/O laundering

If you use original Tide, how much do you use? I've been using about 1 to 11/2 Tbsp. I can't quite decide if my diapers are getting clean. I don't smell the Tide fragrance which throws me off I can't tell if they still smell a little "off" or if its just wet fabric.
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Re: Another S/O laundering

  • I use 1 to 2 depending on the load size.
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  • I use to just under the 1 line, which I think is a little shy of 2 Tbsp.
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  • This will sound crazy but I use the 3 line. My diapers weren't getting clean at the 1 line. I had to go up to the 3 line and also use Calgon. There are no suds at all in my second rinse and my diapers are clean so this works for us with our water/washer combo.
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