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Convertible carseats

My parents are offering to buy our next set of carseats for us when we go visit them in California next month (first 6 hour plane flight ...ugh!).  Currently we have Chicco Keyfit's and a VW Passat and a Acura TSX.  The Keyfit's fit great in the Passat and ok in the Acura.  After a decent amount of research, I thought I had made up my mind with the Britax Marathon but my parents were out shopping and asked how we felt about the Chicco Nextfit.  

Anyone have the Chicco Nextfit or feel very strongly about the Britax? 

Thanks ladies!!

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Re: Convertible carseats

  • From what I know about carseats. I believe children most likely will outgrow the britax by height RF before they ever reach the 40lb weight limit.

    I would highly recommend the chicco next fit or the graco mysize70/size4me as they have some of the highest shells for height and still provide a 40lb weight max.

    FWIW, carseats pass the safety test on a pass or fail test. No one is better than the other safety wise because they all passed the same test. Some offer better features that benefit children longer ex: the height limit on seats which is why it's a good idea to definitely keep your options open and don't feel like you're getting a better seat because you spent 300 dollars vs. 60 dollars. Neither is "safer".
    Consumer Reports likes to rate seats based on their safety....this is a sales pitch.
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