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Laundering question

So my bumgenius inserts say "use 1/4 recommended detergent. wash cold.  wash hot.  double rinse."  Does that mean I add detergent for both the cold wash and the hot wash or do I just add the detergent once at the beginning? 
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Re: Laundering question

  • I only use detergent during the hot cycle.


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  • I only use it in the hot cycle too. As a general laundry rule of thumb, a cold rinse will help fight stains and prevent them from setting in. Hot water is for cleaning and sanitizing.

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  • I speak as a mom with a LO whose bottom is the most sensitive on the planet: use as little detergent to clean the BGs as necessary.  For us, we use Arm & Hammer for sensitive skin, and I use about 1/4 cap full on about 10 dipes.  I put in at the beginning of the wash and that's all the detergent I use.
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  • Just in the hot wash.

    I would use more than 1/4 the "normal" amount unless you have very soft water. Start with more like 1/2. Too little or too weak detergent causes the majority of problems people get. 

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