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How are you dealing?

I had my first bleed this morning due to placenta previa and I already feel like DHand I might kill each other if I'm stuck on nearest for these next four weeks...which it looks like I will be. He's complaining about my son and I getting the house dirty and all the toys, my response is that its hard enough on my three year old that I'm not going to say he can't play with his toys! Ughh, I'd so rather have him on nearest than me! How are your hubbies? Any words of wisdom?
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Re: How are you dealing?

  • Sounds like DH needs to be a little more understanding.  Does he go to the dr. appointments with you?  Maybe he needs to hear from the doc how important bedrest and low-stress is for you right now.  To be frank, I would slap my husband if he gave me a hard time about not being able to get as much stuff done as I am on modified bed rest.  I am the one carrying our child and I have to take care of myself AND our baby!
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  • hazy19hazy19 member
    He was there when the dr said it!  He basically doesn't deal well with stress but all I can think is that one of us needs to deal well with it and since I'm the one who is stuck on modified bed rest and carrying our child, he needs to be the one who hides how he's feeling for my benefit!  Selfish I know...but I thin I deserve to be a bit selfish!  Thanks for listening!
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