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Random questions/ help needed.

I am quite possibly the worst decorator in the world. If I wanted to look somewhere to get boy room and girl nursery room ideas ie: paint colors, new bedding ideas where is a good place to look? Secondly, can you get clothes just pressed at a dry cleaners? And I had a third question but now I can't remember it..... Grrrrr!

Re: Random questions/ help needed.

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  • Personally I go to the fabric store. When I find sonething I like, the salvage edge sometimes has tiny circles of different colors that were in the fabric's pattern. Use those to match with other fabrics.
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  • I don't know how to use Pinterest, shameful I know! What exactly would I do with the fabric stuff?
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    The dry cleaner's here just presses stuff if you'd like.

    Is it cheaper?
  • DH gets his shirts pressed all the time cause I suck at ironing.

    ETA: it's really cheap.



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    I don't know how to use Pinterest, shameful I know! What exactly would I do with the fabric stuff?
    use the fabric as inspiration for the theme. Can buy a yard or two to make into blankets, pillows (kneeling cushion), framed wall art, garbage can cover, window valience, .... however your creative muscles want to strech out. Would get solid colored premade sheets and wall paint color(s) based on the colors in the fabric.

    Bear in mind, this comes from a woman who's nursery theme is "Animal Alphabet" and did not repaint LOs room (it was already a nice green color) and went with decor items that fit the theme which would be practicle. (Ie a basket made for DHs cousins that had animals already painted on it). The decorations in our nursery are mostly framed pieces that I amassed during my childhood and are conviently placed over areas where the paint has chipped due to DHs furnature sticking or bumping into the walls when the room was his office. With the exception of LOs crib and diaper trash can and her clothes hamper, everything was second hand (passed along by friends or repurposed from life pre-LO). Oh her tacky princess sparkly lamp was also purchased new, but her Grandpa and Dad picked that out for her and I just approved it.

    I figure a child's bedroom is a work in progress and it can evolve with the child.

    Edit: I don't know how to use pinterest either, decided was not worth the time a while back. Esp when I can do Google Image searches.
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  • IKEA is fun to see different room set ups. 
  • All of DH's work shirts are pressed from the cleaner. We have delivery service which is a little more expensive, but taking it in yourself is really cheap. I'm trying to remember the prices from when I used to take it in myself. I think having a shirt pressed was about 15-20% of the cost of dry cleaning a suit.
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  • Projectnursery.com has designer rooms and "real" nurseries, kids rooms, playrooms, etc and you can sort by color, gender, most popular. I also think finding a fabric you like, even if all you do is stick a piece of it in a frame, is a good starting point for color scheme. You could also find some sort of art or decor item and build from there.
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