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follow up on epi blood patch UPDATE

So i posted a few days ago about the epidural blood patch. I was admitted back into ld yesterday morning after speaking to my ob and her suggesting i get the blood patch and end the suffering. She had to fly to Houston..so she's not here, and 3 other doctors have been treating me. They were not convinced it was a spinal headache. They thought it was a combination of a migration..cluster headache and a tension headache. Mmk...whatever justfix me up make me better and send me on my way..right? They gave me some pretty strong meds through iv. Meds used to manage pain for c section mamas and a shot for headaches. I was able to get out of bed and hold and rock my baby in the chair for the first time in days!!! after about 45 min i started to get the pressure build up again in my head and headache put me back in bed on my back. One of the anesthesiologist that was working didn't feel comfortable doing the blood patch so she refused to touch me..even though 3 doctors and a nearologist said it was a spinal headache and nothing else.
Dr. came in last night and told me i would have to wait until morning to get the procedure done by a different anesthesiologist. Here it is..after 10 am and I'm still waiting!! I hope it's soon because i just want to feel normal and finally hold my baby and care for him. I really hope this is the key to getting me back to normal because I Don't think the doctors know where else to turn if this doesn't do the trick.
It's been a week since i had my lo. If this doesn't work i know it will go away on it's own by about 2 weeks. I am not sure i have it in me to go another week feeling like this!!
Crossing fingers this works...and they can come do it soon!

updatei had the procedure today and had relief soon after. Most painful part was having to sit up and deal with the headache and pressure in my head. It was fast...about 7 min start to finish.
I had to sit in bed for about 2 hours andhad no use getting up. My back where the needle went in is pretty sore..but i will take that over that headache I've had for 7 days. I have some sensitivity and minor pressure behind my eyes...that very well could be because I'm tired. I hope that's all it is!!
So far so good. I am finally able to hold my little guy for the first time in days!! Feels really good.

Advice to you ladies who haven't delivered yet..and you notice even a slight headache after an epidural...do not ignore it and get it taken care of asap. i regret not doing it sooner!!

Re: follow up on epi blood patch UPDATE

  • Thoughts & Prayers coming your way!  Hopefully they will get this under control for you!
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    Oh man. How ridiculous that they are certain what it is and the person wont treat you. I would be fuming.

    I hope you find some relief soon!!

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  • Oh yuck! I hope you get some answers soon!
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    Thoughts and prayers.hope you feel better soon.
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  • So glad you're feeling better finally. Now you can enjoy bonding with your LO.
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  • ughhhhhhhh, I had this happen when I had an epi for knee surgery.

    and this is exactly why I told my SO and my OB that I do not want an epi this time around!

    I feel for you!!!! Glad they finally patched you and you're feeling better!

  • I have had these with my last 2 spinal blocks (Mandatory Csection). In our hospital, they will only do a patch if you are crying non stop while taking all your meds. Yeah, that isn't me. It is sad when your nurses are pushing for them to do a blood patch but they refuse to.


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