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Potty training a boy when you have a vagina.....

I don't start my new job till the week after the 4th so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to potty train DS.

He's been taking off his diaper when he poops and says "EWWW" and points at the poopy diaper that's now on the floor

He can pull up and off his clothes

I don't have a potty for him yet (was going to buy one today) and underwear

He wont really tell me him pooped...I can tell when he does and when I ask him if he did or has to he wont say anything.

So maybe I should just buy a potty? 

Is there any good books out there for me to read?

I've read online that you should start boys sitting down and then when they've mastered it teach standing up


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Re: Potty training a boy when you have a vagina.....

  • Teach him to point his penis down when he pees to prevent spraying.

    I didn't read books. I just let him run around naked, sat him on the toilet every 30 minutes, and gave him and M and M if he made so much as a drop. Also, lots of juice so he pees a lot.

    We'd sing and read stories on the toilet to keep it fun.

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  • We have done cold turkey to undies (except night time) at 2.5 for all 3 kids.  I like 3 day method; its online.  We progressively had less accidents each day.   We did a lot of praise when we made it on the potty.  Let him pick out the undies and seat.  

    We had a potty & potty seat goes on the toliet.  I prefer the seat that goes on the toliet, only DS2 used the toddler potty.  Both boys learned sitting first.  DS1 caught onto standing only at daycare.  DS2 caught on quick to standing probably because he had a big brother.  

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  • We put a potty in the living room and his bedroom, as well as a potty ring on the toilet in his bathroom.

    We stopped diapers cold turkey. He was naked or in underwear except nights and naps. He was already used to peeing on the potty (we had him try at every diaper chance since about 22 months) so we just told him that he wasn't going to wear diapers anymore and that he needed to go pee and poop on the potty. I reminded him about every 30 minutes the first couple days.

    We stayed home for the first few days, minus walks and quick trips to the store. We did teach him to pee sitting down. He doesn't have to hold his penis down, but I think it's because he's not circ'd? Everything points in the right direction so we don't have any spray problems.


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