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When did your period come after a D&C?

It has been 9 days since my D&C, and while we want to wait for the genetic testing to come back, we are also anxious to start trying again. I have been getting a little mild cramping on one side of my lower stomach area. I have never been one of those women to know when I am ovulating or feel it, but this was about as close as I would imagine it gets. Just trying to figure out when I should be expecting that period. Thank you!

Re: When did your period come after a D&C?

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    I felt like I was ovulating about two weeks post DnC. Well it was done June 6 and I still haven't started yet. :
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    I also felt like I was ovulating two weeks after my d&c and ended up getting my period two weeks after that.  So, it was exactly four weeks post surgery.  My doctor said to expect it to arrive within 4-6 weeks.
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  • Still waiting for mine.  I had my D&C last Wednesday and am still spotting from it.  I was told post-op follow up appointment to expect my first period within 4 - 8 weeks post-D&C and that it might not be "normal" for a while.  We were given the green light to TTC again after the first period, though...AF can't come soon enough..!  GL to you!
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  • I had a D&C 3 and a half weeks ago and still no AF.  I think I might have ovulated in the past day or so, which would mean I'll probably get AF around the 5-6 week mark. 

    That being said, I went in 3 weeks post D&C last Tuesday and I still had HCG in my system.  I can't do my repeat loss testing until HCG is 0  She said that is totally normal too.  So, who the heck knows what is going on.  I go back in a week from Tuesday to re-check HCG and hopefully draw blood for RLT.

    I know it is hard, but try to be patient with your body.  I remember after my first D&C after my first miscarriage I was so incredibly anxious to get back on the TTC bandwagon.  It made the waiting so miserable.  This time I am trying very hard not to worry too much.  AF will come when it comes, and then we'll try again.

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  • I got A F 5 weeks after my dnc. Was super emotional the day before she came too.

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  • My D/C was on 6/7 and im still waiting on AF


    So sorry for your loss! ((Hugs))

  • Mine came exactly 4 weeks after my procedure and was a very strange AF at first. I definitely felt like I ovulated about 2 weeks after d&e and that was weird too. Lots of strange body things for me but now I am back to normal and mine was in April. 
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    So sorry for your loss.   

    Mine started back a day before 4 weeks post d&c.  I don't think I ovulated between the d&c and first AF.  At least my temp chart doesn't show I did. We prevented during that time though, just incase I did.  

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  • I had a natural mc that started June 7th...no period yet.
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  • Typically it's 4-6 weeks.  My D&C was 2 weeks ago, so I'll be waiting for awhile longer! 
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    Thank you all! Good luck to everyone out there trying again
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