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etsy sellers who respond days later?

How long before you move onto another seller? This lady has been going back and forth with me for 6 days, sometimes not answering messages for 2 days. She was supposed to make a custom bow and send me a pic yesterday to see if I like It. Still no pic and I found another seller. Would you just buy from the other seller?

Re: etsy sellers who respond days later?

  • I would send her a message today and say if you don't have the picture today you're going to have to go with another seller.
  • I don't think I would wait even that long.  
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    I don't think I would wait even that long.  

    Yeah I would have given up a few days ago. I think Etsy sellers should respond within 24 hours. 

    This. I know a nurse who sells on Etsy as well. Even with her crazy and long shifts she can get back to people next day.

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  • 2days max. I am impatient. Lol

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  • I think 24 hours is respectful, ESPECIALLY when it comes to a business.
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