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GD and NST Question

I was told by my midwife that if I couldn't keep my levels down I would be given medication (possibly insulin) and would have to go in twice a week for non-stress tests. That seemed excessive an I was wondering if I misunderstood. Twice each week??? For those of you that have to do the NST, how often?

I have been doing everything i'm supposed to, just isn't working for me. I've been beating myself up about it but was told at my last appointment that some women do things exactly and their bodies still can't get it under control. Ugh.

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Re: GD and NST Question

  • I am doing 2 NST a week.  I have been for the past three weeks.  It isn't related to my GD diagnosis, but because the baby is too small.  They do it every Monday and Thursday.  It doesn't help much that my LO doesn't cooperate.  Wherever they put the monitor on me, he/she moves and tries to kick it off.  It is kinda funny.  

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  • I was diagnosed with GD at 24 weeks. I have been taking a small amount of glyburide at night (1.25 mg) and the rest of the time I am diet controlled. I get a high number a couple times a week, but otherwise I am doing a good job. My GD counselor and OB are happy with it.

    I had to start NSTs around 31 weeks.

    I am doing twice weekly NSTs beginning at 35 weeks. 

    At first they were kind of stressful because baby kept moving and we kept loosing his heart rate. As he gets bigger it is supposed to get easier. They are kind of a pain/inconvenience. It is just part of the additional monitoring.

    I am pretty sure I am going to have weekly ultrasounds now too. I had the normal ones at 9 weeks for dating, 12 weeks screen and 20 week anatomy. After being diagnosed, I had a measurement one at 30 weeks and 34 weeks. 

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  • Thanks guys. It's nice to know what everyone else went through. I have been feeling so lost.
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  • I don't have GD but I do have hypertension and as of now (32/3 weeks) I am doing the NST every Thursday along with an MFM appointment every Monday.  

    I hear ya about beating yourself up.  I have had a couple breakdowns about having high blood pressure, but the doctors always remind me that it is beyond my control and the best thing to do is just keep up on appointments to catch anything before it is a problem and to just relax as much as possible. 

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  • I have GD and am on insulin. I am currently not doing NST yet but they did tell me at 34 weeks they will begin monitoring twice a week
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  • I have twice a week NSTs in addition to weekly OB appointments. They also do a quick u/s at each NST. I only have 5 weeks of pregnancy left, but 16 doctor's appointments. When you're high risk, you just have to accept that you'll be spending a lot of time at the doctor's office.

    Don't beat yourself up, hormones aren't something you can control. I had to be put on Metformin. Some of the other ladies are on glyburide. Is there a reason they are considering insulin before those other two treatment options?

    I'm just curious, as it seems that most ladies are prescribed MF or GB before being told to go on Insulin. 


  • I take Metformin and Glyburide and get a BPP each week which includes an NST. I am 35w2d.
  • My doctor also does 2 appts a week, although one is an ultrasound at the perinatalogist and the 2nd is an NST at the OB.  It is stressing me out because I have to arrange childcare for my daughter every time. 
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  • Both pregnancies I've had GD (diet controlled) and this time I'm on bedrest as well with twins. I have 3 appointments weekly: ultrasound, follow-up weekly appointment with the midwife, and an NST.
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  • I started twice weekly NSTs at 33 weeks due to low fluid (GD was diet/exercise controlled). If I wasn't having that issue I wouldn't have had a NST until my due date. Each practice is different.

    Don't feel bad... sometimes hormones just really suck.

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  • I am having NSTs twice a week. I have GD, am 41yo with my 3rd pregnancy, and this LO has a two vessel cord. So, I have NSTs twice a week, a BPP once a week, and a OB visit once a week. They bundle all of these appointments together, though.
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