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How was your transition?

I'm currently a working mom of a 16 month old and a second on the way. I love my job and I love being a mom. I have been able to manage my career and family pretty well for the past 16 months but now I will have to stop working when number two gets here. I would basically have to work full time to pay for the daycare or a nanny for both my children, which doesn't seem right to me.
For those of you who made the decision of staying home and enjoyed your jobs, how hard was the transition? How long did it take you to get used to it? I heard from a few friends that the beginning can be challenging. Please share your stories
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Re: How was your transition?

  • I'm in a very similar boat!

    Truthfully, when number two came I was not ready to give up my work and tried to work full time from when she was 4mo old ... I only did it for 5 months. It just wasn't worth working that much just to pay for childcare and not be with my kids for so many hours FT work plus commute plus prep work from home...

    I was really lucky to find part time work from home from the time my second child was 11 months old until a few weeks ago... It paid enough to have my daughter in daycare and we could already afford our son, so it wasn't such a difficult juggling job.

    Our third is due in September and now that the short term work from home ended, Im going to be a SAHM until this next one is probably a year old.

    I'm a bit apprehensive, but trying o focus on the fact that I have many many years left to work in my life and only these few precious years to be home with the kids!

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  • ta78ta78 member
    DS acted out the first month, then we fell back into a routine and he got used to his new sister and all is well again.

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  • I was a WM until about 2 months ago. DD1 acted out at first, but eventually settled back down.

    Get into a routine and get out of the house. I had some guilt at first because DD1 had friends at daycare and I was afraid she missed getting to play with them. We joined a moms group to meet new people.
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  • I began during the winter months which was challenging.  I finally went and bought an aqurium membership (inside) so I could get out and do something.  

    Summer is easier, but it may be that now I'm 10 months into this SAH thing. 

    It makes me wish I had more "stop by" friends.  I have to schedule visits and outings with my girlfriends and so I've gone through lonely spouts. 

    I'd suggest you get to know other SAHMs in hope that you will have a network of people when you begin.


  • Sign up for ECFE classes, join a mommy group, go to storytime at your library... These things help a lot!
  • I transitioned immediately from grad school to being a SAHM. As in, my graduation was a week after LO was born. :) 

    I always wanted to SAH once we had kids, and I was SO glad to be done with grad school, but the transition was still a little tough. I think it was made a lot harder because of post-partum hormones (WHY do people not prepare expectant mothers for how intense these are??). Just the transition from being out and about every day, having adult conversations in the classroom, etc and then being stuck on the couch with a baby who wanted to be on my boob constantly ... yikes. 

    So yes, a difficult transition--but hard to say how much of it was do to becoming a SAHM and how much of it due to becoming a mom in general. :) 
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