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How much for a good bra?

I have a confession: I haven't bought a GOOD bra since before Lydia was born... she just turned 4. I'm going to Nordstrom to be measured tomorrow and I am going to buy a couple of good bras. I've gotten measured before so I kinda know the drill. The lady will ask me what I'm looking for [push up, underwire, padded, etc] and she'll bring me some to try on. What is a reasonable amount of money to pay for a good quality bra??

I was talking to 2 of my friends today about it but they're no help, they both said they buy bras at Target. But they have great boobs, I'm assuming they can wear anything. Mine are pathetic, I need some serious help. BFing 3 babies in 3 years has taken away my perky C cups.
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Re: How much for a good bra?

  • I basically wear something that stops short of armor...they aren't cheap. Check out They have all sorts of bras. I would never consider Target a good bra. I pay around $60-$70.
  • If you can wait, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts in a few weeks though it can be a bit crazy during the sale, so you may still want to get measured tomorrow.

    I usually stock up on bras during this sale. I love the Natori and Wacoal bras and I can usually get them for about 40 dollars compared to 60 dollars.

    They also do a presale if you have a Nordstrom charge, so you may be able to get them a little sooner.
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  • I have a few that I like from Victoria Secret, but my favorite bra I got at Kohls.
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  • I will only get fitted at Nordstrom. I end up paying about 90 dollars. A good bra makes a world of difference.
  • I went from Vickie's to motherhood maternity bras. I
  • My favorite brand is Warners. They vary in price quite a bit.
  • After I was done nursing DD and had gotten pretty close to my pre-pg weight, I went to Nordstrom and got fitted - they are the best.  I bought three really good bras at about $60-$70 each and they are worth every penny.  

    ETA - I ditto the Wacoal brand at Nordstrom 

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  • I actually just bought two at VS, they were $30 each AND they were promoted 2/$45 AND they let me use a $10 off coupon.  It was a sweet deal, but I would have paid up to $50 each.  Of course, now I'm pregnant and they don't fit well anymore.  Go figure.
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    Mine need serious help also. I will pay $60 or so for a good bra. I just got a couple at VS semi annual sale.

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  • I get my bras at Nordstrom and pay anything from $50 to $80, depending on the brand. My favorite is Chantelle, which is pricier.

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