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DD hates story time all of a sudden

I have been bringing her to our local libraries since she was around 6 months. She always loved going. She is extremely social at the park, literally going up to almost every kid wanting to play, saying hi, giving them her ball, etc.. I brought her back to a library I haven't been to in a few months recently. The first time she went, she had a ball, was dancing, singing, etc. The past 2 times now, as soon as she sees the building, she wants to be picked up then will sit on my lap the entire time during the stories or hide her head in my chest and won't move. It's like she's scared now or something, but I'm not sure of what. Today she got up once to get a paper dog that the librarian was handing out then hung on to me. At the end, they put toys out, so she went and played with a ball, but then led me to the door and wanted to be carried out. It was packed though with a lot of kids screaming, running around, though she has no problem with this at the park. Should I just stop bringing her there?
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