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Just moved here to Fort Wayne. I had my first appt with Dr. Fouts at Women's Health Advantage. She delivers at both DuPont and Lutheran and said I can choose which one I would prefer to go to. Any advice? Good or bad experiences at either? Thanks!!

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  • I loved Dupont my baby spent some time in the nicu and the nicu staff was great. She only had very small problems so she didn't need much attention. The food is great the staff is very nice the LC are very helpful. I toured both places and live MUCH closer to Lutheran but still decided Dupont was better.
  • I work at Lutheran, but a lot of the girls I work with delivered at Dupont. That would be the better choice of the two.
  • We are delivering at Dupont. I asked my OB for her recommendation & she didn't hesitate! They offer free birthing classes and post-partum classes as well. We took the birthing blitz (you get a tour of the hospital too) and the breastfeeding class! They were wonderful!!
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