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35 Weeks - 6 to 6.5 pds

I hesitate to even post this b/c I know it's not always accurate, but I'm just curious what others are seeing.  I went for my 35 week ultrasound earlier this week and they said that he is measuring about 6 to 6 1/2 pounds.  They did also say that this is not always really accurate (which makes me wonder why they do it).  I'm hoping for a natural birth and for some reason a big baby has freaked me out since day one.  Anyone have any comments about the accuracy of this?  I've also been told my doctor likes to induce because of size so I'm worried she will try and pull something if she thinks he's getting "too big". 

Re: 35 Weeks - 6 to 6.5 pds

  • Was that ultrasound medically necessary, or was it just to check the baby's size? My midwife doesn't do ultrasounds after 20 weeks unless medically necessary. I would deny all late (3rd trimester) ultraounds that focus on the baby's weight. That way they can't try to induce for weight related reasons. If you have to get the ultrasounds, deny the early induction. They can't force you to do it.

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  • I actually asked my doctor about the accuracy of these sonograms as well, since my baby has been weighing large and the doc is suggesting a c-section for me.  He said they "are and aren't accurate" and that they are "give or take a pound."  So I am 38 weeks today and last week at 37 weeks he was measuring at 8lbs 11oz but could be anywhere between 7lbs 11oz and 9lb 11oz.  My sonos have been required because I have extra amniotic fluid and I had some heaving bleeding at 27 weeks (which was how they discovered the extra fluid). 
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  • Yeah those measuring u/s tend to be inaccurate for predicting weight. Some techs or drs will tell you the estimated weight can be off by a pound. They remind me of the Chinese calendar gender predictors in that they get it right some times but most of the time are wrong.This is my personal opinion, but I think that if your OB likes to induce due to size that the point of telling you baby is 6.5 lbs already is to start you thinking about induction too. Inducing early due to size is a big discussion on this board. Most women feel it is unnecessary (I agree). But google it and decide for yourself. Don't be scared of a big baby. A bigger baby is no guarantee that labor will be hard or that you'll tear. I tore with my first son. He was 7 lbs at birth. I was forced to labor flat on my back with feet in stirrups. I got a 1st degree tear. With my second son, I switched to a midwife who let me labor any way I wanted. Second son was 8.5 lbs and I did not tear at all.

  • I'm still unsure as to why they do these ultrasounds.
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  • Those measurements can be off by a pound in either direction so I wouldn't worry too much.  Even if you deliver a 10lb baby a natural birth is possible.  The doctor can't force an induction on you and I would probably decline it if there were no other medical reasons to do so.
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  • I agree with PPs. The size estimates at this point in the pregnancy are notoriously off-base. I would have a really hard time being convinced to induce for size. My mom had 4 of us, and I was the smallest at 8 lbs. My largest siblings (the fourth, my brother) was 10 lb 13 ozs. She had all naturally. Size doesn't, really, mean much at all for an otherwise healthy mother and baby.
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  • I would not put too much stock into their estimates. I was told that DS was going to be a 7.5-8lb baby, he was 6lb 6oz. He was really long so maybe that's why they thought he would weigh more than he did. 

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  • I had a child that measured 9lbs and some odd ounces at 36 weeks. He was delivered the next day and he was 8lbs 3oz. All I remember is that they were over a pound off. Although his early delivery had nothing to do with weight.

    My 5foot 1 mother delivered 2 of us that were over almost or over 10 lbs. My grandmother was 5foot on the dot and delivered 4 that were between 9 and 11 pounds. My cousin just gave birth to a 9lb 8oz son. They all had a midwife (or in the case of my grandma, family) attend them. I guess that is why I do not understand doctors now days telling women that they cannot deliver large babies. Then again, I am a mandatory Csection and will also never have the pleasure (not meant sarcastically) of giving birth vaginally.

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  • I was induced for my first pregnancy the doctor said she was too small and he felt that if she came out sooner that she would get better nutrition. It was the worst mistake ever she was 5.13 lbs but because I was on the pitocin for so long I ended up losing a lot of blood and had to get a blood transfussion.Tongue Tied . I dont want to scare you because I know plenty of moms that have also been induced and everything turns out fine but unless the baby is truely at risk I would deny it. With this pregnancy I have two hernias and now once again he is talking about inducing or having a c-section and let me tell you that I am scared of both.
  • They predicted my first two sons to be 6lbs...they came out 9lbs 5oz & 8lbs 7oz. With this baby (#3), they are predicting that she is big (76th %ile)...I am curious to see how big she turns out to be. You just never know until birth. I knew a lot that were measuring on time and normal weigh predicted who came 4w early at over 9lbs then others who go over 1w and have a 10lb, or some induced at 39w who have a 6lb.
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  • oh...and i think the accuracy is +/- 2lbs
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