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Friday Bed Rest Check In

Good Morning Ladies

How we holding up?

Made it to  another  Friday  Smile

How's everyone feeling this Friday ?

QOTD who has more clothing options girls or boys?

Re: Friday Bed Rest Check In

  • Congrats on your graduation!!
    Glad your appointment went well yesterday!

    Still here!! 34 weeks tomorrow. Felt pretty violated after my appointment yesterday, so praying to hold out until after my doc returns. Praying to hold out 12 to 14 more days actually! Last night I had some weird pressure and my bladder was acting weird so hopefully that doesn't mean they're trying to get ready for departure!

    A gal is coming our to our new place to help unpack today...so excited! My husbands trying not to go crazy making my breakfast and trying to find kitchen stuff in different boxes...

    I think both can be dressed super cute, but throwing in dresses and that girls can wear boys clothes, you've really expanded your options. :D
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  • Another Friday indeed :)

    Growth scan and prenatal appt later this afternoon - hoping for 4.5-5lb babies at this point!  My belly has grown a lot in the past week or 2!

    QOTD: girls, for the same reason Wallace said.  There are some super cute boy clothes out there too though! 

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    BFP 12/02/12, u/s @ 6w,5d showed 2 HBs! Identical twins!!
    Bed rest from 21w-35w due to short cervix, hospital bed rest from 23w-32w due to PTL
    Our rainbows were born 07/19/13 (36w, 5d)

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  • I'm new to the bed rest check ins. Hope it's okay if I join in! I'm 34 + 3 weeks with my third child and on home bedrest trying to manage gallbladder pain. Goal is to make it to 37 weeks before getting induced.

    I think girls have more clothing options, but as a mom to two boys, I do think that boys have cute options too. You just have to know which stores to shop at for the best choices!

  • Another decent day here! My appt. went well yesterday, still hanging out at 4 cm. Keep hanging in there ladies!

    QOTD: I feel like there are more girl options. Being team green, I have realized how hard it is to find neutral clothing.  

  • Inn2Inn2 member

    Congratulations on your graduation, Wallace. 

    Yay for people to help unpack Mrs. C. 

    Good luck at your appointment today CNY!

    This is going to be long, but yesterday was an emotionally exhausting day, worst I've had so far and it would be nice to spill it all out.

    Went to appointment (first one after cerclage in and released from hospital) at the hospital that is actually closer to my house and may be the one that I get to give birth at.  Other hospital was only because this one had no technicians for my emergency specialist appointment.  Baby was a beautiful wiggle worm who had a strong heartbeat and refused to flip over, mooning us whole time :).  Amnio fluid looked good too, and of course I cried because I do every ultrasound seeing our little miracle baby.  

    Then they started checking cerclage/cervix.  I could see right away no change in the funneling and this time baby's hand is in there (last time it was foot and time before head... Baby is cervix obsessed!).  I feel as if I'm learning how to be a technician myself, sometimes.  I knew just watching her measure it wasn't good.  Then we got to wait for nurse practioner to consult and I cried the whole time, with SO trying to calm me down.  She comes in and says that yes it is still shortening, from 2.2 to around 1.5.  I know it is normal for it to fluctuate, but I feel so defeated at this point because mine only ever shortens.

    Good news she says is it's still closed and stitches, so far, are doing their job.  She explains to me that I'm looking at steroid shots at 24 weeks to help baby's lungs and they are putting me on the last medication they can give to try and help with contractions.  We ask our questions and then time to leave.  Around 4:30 pm I wake from a nap with a BH contraction that turns into painful contractions both back and stomach.  After no real relief in the next hour and a half we go to Triage.  Luckily the next dosage of IBrophin appears to slow them and after monitoring they send us home.  I'm to call if any start to happen this morning.

    Nothing so far so maybe it just was all the stress?  Anyhow, I've just reached the point where I don't want to talk to family or friends, because it just seems like there is never anything positive to say.  I know there is, deep down, since my little fighter continues to grow and do their job, it's just me that is the failure.  When zi'm feeling better remind me to tell you all the crazy hospital stories.  

    Enjoy the day, everyone.  And girl's clothes for the win! 

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  • I think that in the western society girls have more clothing options but in other cultures and countries boys have more options
  • Sounds like everyone is doing really well!

     I had a bit of a rough night. When I slept, I slept well, but I am up with explosive vomiting throughout the night. I am not sure if it is BP related or just general pregnancy symptoms. 

    My mom had to head home yesterday, so the house seems really quiet today. I can not wait for my hubby to get home from work so we can enjoy the weekend together. It is Canada Day this coming Monday, so we may have some friends over for a BBQ. Normally we would go and visit my parents for the long weekend at their place in Central BC (they live on a beautiful lake), so we are feeling a little down about that. But other wise, we are in good spirits and now one week closer to meeting our LO.

     On the plus side, even thought my BP is still high, it has stabilized and I am not having big spikes and low lows. So even thought I feel some negative impacts of the high BP, I do not feel the crazy swings any more of going from low to high. With that said, my Dr has given me a little more freedom and I am now doing some work from home for my job. I am by not means putting in full days, but I am taking on little tasks each day and it is helping the time pass.

    I think there are WAY more clothing options for girls. The girls cloths are just so cute. But with that said, I know we are saving WAY more money being that we are having a little boy as the cloths seem much for functional.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their weekend and for all you Canadian mama's to be, I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day! 

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  • Hello ladies. Glad to see everyone is hanging in there strong. We just received our Harmony results, they were negative. Now they'll test for cystic fibrosis, but we've crossed one big hurdle. I've been contracting when I get up and try to do anything, so I'm sure the dr will probably put me back on strict bed rest. Our oldest daughter headed out for St. Louis today with her archery team. I sent my Dad out to be with her this weekend. She is 11 and us competing for the first time in the World Archery Tournament. DH and I are pretty bummed we couldn't go, but he didn't want to be 6 hours away from me, just in case. You all continue to be in my T's and Ps.
  • Hi all. I am new to this check in. Was admitted on Tuesday into the hospital and on on bed rest to stop labor. Was having frequent contractions, every 2 to 3 min, with cervix length at 1.3 and 2 cm dilation. Things seem to have slowed to a point dr is comfortable that I won't deliver right away. The goal is 34 weeks, all right here in the hospital. I am 31.1 today with boy girl twins.
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  • Lbear8Lbear8 member

    Inn, I'm so sorry for your difficult day yesterday and I hope the contractions kept away today.

    Aiche: Thanks for continuing to come up with the QOTD, I'm impressed :)  

    thrilled to hear for most it was a good day today.  I'm doing well.  VERY productive today, laying here scanning DD's artwork from the past year. 

    I agree there are more options for girls.  

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  • Hi all! This is my 1st check in. I was officially put on bed rest on Tuesday due to high bp. I am 25 weeks today with twin girls. Baby B had a marginal cord insertion but they had a hard time seeing it at the last appt so they said it cld have corrected itself. And Baby B had extra aminiotic fluid. But all else looks great with them both. A is 1lb8oz and b is 1lb5oz. I look forward to talking with you all. Also I posted the following question on PGAIF maybe some of you also have experience with iron supplements.Bc I started iron supplements this afternoon due to being anemic. The label on the prescription says T. HEM 150 and from what I read it contains iron, folic acid, vitamin c, a stool softener.I was told to take them in the afternoon since I take synthroid for my thyroid, prentals, folgard for extra folic acid in the am. I'm supposed to take it 3 hrs after a meal and an hr before a meal. I've felt awful and nauseated since I took it and tonight my whole face is flushed. Anyone have any experience with this? Does the side effects get better?
  • Inn2Inn2 member

    Welcome to the new people!

    Much less contractions today and thank you so much to those who replied and gave me such encouragement! 

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