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Birthday blues

I know I shouldn't be sad or down ,but it is my 30th bday this weekend and I am feeling a little in the dumps. Trying to figure out something fun to do, yet feeling very limited secondary to my pregnancy and 3rd trimester. My husband has a weird work schedule this weekend but we do have evenings available to do something. The two of us are going to grab dinner one night ourselves. Any fun suggestions of things to do with friends family? Besides just grabbing food somewhere.

 Thanks for any input!  

Re: Birthday blues

  • I hear ya, birthdays change big time as we get older and add kids into the mix... My Bday is on the 3rd (turn 35!!!) and DH and I are turning our date night on Sat into my bday celebration since it falls on a Wed. Wed will suck though, I will prob go out to lunch and hit up my fav cupcake place with DS, DH works pretty late... so it is mainly me in the evenings. I would suggest getting mani and pedi's before you go out to eat... or a little shopping with the girls before hand.... shop for fun stuff (shoes, handbags, jewelry) treat yourself :D Happy Birthday.... I got a tattoo 3 days before my 30th (HAHA!) I still love it, but I also was single and in an early midlife crisis LOL! (actually met DH 2 days after that!!)
  • I often feel blue around my bday, so I'm with ya.  That being said, I don't think you have to have a huge to-do to make it special.  Go out for dinner, get a mani/pedi like PP suggested, and remember how lucky you are to have a gorgeous baby bump as you enter a new decade.

    Happy early birthday! 

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  • Had my birthday 37 weeks pregnant with my older son. He was born one week later and we were both born on good Friday! He is still my baby boy even though we have one more on the way. This year my Dh was deployed, 4 years together we have missed Valentine's day, Christmas almost one of every holiday but not my birthday. I was pretty bummed. I came home and on my doorstep flowers. Enjoy the little things 30 isn't that bad I turned 33 this year :


  • My birthday is July 2 and I have had all summer babies. I turned 30 during my third tri with my last pregnancy. We actually still had a big party/cookout at our house and it was a really great party but it was not as much fun for me since everyone was throwing back beers and margaritas and I could not and I was too miserable to be outside with everyone in the heat.... :(

    I turn 33 next week and here I am again, even more pregnant than I was for my 30th birthday.

    I am not planning anything this time. I will celebrate after baby is here. I am not depressed about it, just not interested. I have tried 3 times previously to have a fun birthday while 6-9 mo pregnant and it just doesn't happen for me. Again, not to say those birthdays were bad... just not the fun time I would prefer. But there will be time for those birthdays later. When we are done having babies (after this one!).

    Do you have a comedy club or a theater (live) you could visit with friends? That might be fun.

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  • Similar situation, I am 29 weeks and my 30th birthday is July 1st.  I know I should not feel down in the dumps, but wish I could celebrate with a summery beverage and a night out on the town :(.  Not to mention, our first wedding anniversary is July 14th!
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  • You could go see a good movie and/or take a late night walk.
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