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new mom and need some advice

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and been feeling like I have been having contractions... called my doctor and we went over so we could see exactly what was going on. .. i was hooked up to monitors to see if I really was having contractions and I was....I was then monitored and was giving several cups of water to down which I did quickly. ... then they gave me a blood pressure med to take one every 20 min. 4 of them. To stop the contractions. ... then released me to go home. .. was told to then take it easy no work till july 1st and be sure to be drinking plenty of water. .. now I'm not having those contractors I did earlier in the week but every time I stand up and walk my stomach instantly tightens. .are these contractions ? I really have a hard time telling the difference!

Re: new mom and need some advice

  • I had an episode early on with contractions when we got them stopped my abdominal muscles were sore. So, getting up and moving I felt discomfort and often clenched up. It could be that but my doc also told be I could have 4 per hour before going in.


  • Sometimes if you sit or maintain a certain position for a lengthy period of time, your muscles relax and try to stay in that position. Then once you start moving around it takes those muscles a little longer to ''loosen up'' and therefore they could feel tight for a brief moment or two.

    I hope that helps but given your previous history I'd go with what your gut thinks.

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    Sounds like Braxton Hicks.  With DD I had them anytime I tried to walk more than a few minutes, and pretty constant throughout my pregnancy. 

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  • If the sensation is different then what happened to you earlier in the week then it's probably BH contractions.  If you are that worried or don't know how to tell the difference then go see the doctor.
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    Sounds like Braxton Hicks.nbsp; With DD I had them anytime I tried to walk more than a few minutes, and pretty constantnbsp;throughout my pregnancy.nbsp;

    This. I get them as well.
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