3rd Trimester

what questions should I ask?

My SO and my parents are going to tour the hospital that I will deliver in. my daughter will also have her first surgery there and will stay in the NICU.

I was just wondering if there are any questions that I should ask. I have a few but I want to make sure im not forgetting anything because the hospital is 4 hours away.

Thanks in advance!

Re: what questions should I ask?

  • Visiting hours, rule for visitors, outside food, what toiletries are provided, ask what the common questions are that they are asked...that's all I can think of..  Good luck!
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  • I would have them find out all the rules for the nicu. Different nicus have different policies.
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  • What accommodations do they have for your SO?

    On a side note, the hospital is 4 hours away?! That sucks. 

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  • Yeah. My lo will need heart surgery soon after birth. so we have to deliver in a hospital that specializes in this type of thing.
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