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Question about D&C

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and we got the news today that there is no heartbeat and the baby stopped developing at 7 weeks.  Disappointing for both of us, but I'm also relieved that mother nature took over if there was a serious problem.

I'm hoping that nature will take its course and I'll start to miscarry - the doctor was ok with that and we set up an appointment for Tuesday to see where things are and I think we'll also discuss having a D&C. 

I'd love to get your advice on this.  I had a miscarriage about 5 years ago and don't remember it being horrific and I guess I know I can handle that but not sure about the D&C.  It sounded like a major procedure from what little we discussed today.

Many thanks and so sorry that we all find ourselves here. 

Re: Question about D&C

  • I'm so sorry for your loss :(.  Whatever route you decide to take, I hope you know that this board is filled with caring, and compassionate women who will support you, and offer personal experiences and advice if you'd like.  For me, I found out at our 9 week appointment that our little one had stopped growing at 7 weeks.  I had wanted to prompt my body to mc so took a round of misoprostol.  Nothing happened, so I opted for another round, and still nothing.  Then I scheduled a D&C but pushed it back twice in hopes my body would pass our baby naturally, it never happened, so I ended up going in for a D&C 5 weeks after my baby had stopped having a heartbeat.  It's never an easy decision, and personally I felt that I was ready for the D&C at that point because I had given my body plenty of time and tried every natural prompting under the sun (jasmine leaf tea, pineapple juice, doing kegals, you name it).  Thinking of you during this time.
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  • I feel for both of you...I found out at my 12w4d apt that my baby was no longer with me...I decided to try to pass him/her naturally. Then today I started is both horrible and good. Horrible as in its real that my baby is gone, good that my body can take care of its self and hopefully I will be able to try again soon. I have heard some bad things about d&c thats why I chose to try to wait... thoughts and prayers to you!
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    I lost my angel around 6 weeks and when we set up the surgery appt I had a million questions for the doctor about every aspect of it. From what she told me, it sounds very simple. I had a hard time accepting it because Im not really for medical intervention in most cases, but it sounded like an easy [for lack of a better word] thing for our body to go through regarding this, although of course having it happen naturally is probably best, although my body wouldn't take a hint.... I would just ask at your appt, if you are able to handle the details, if the doctor can tell you everything that is involved in the procedure. This helped put my mind at ease a lot. Mine is scheduled in the morning though, so I guess I don't have experience for you until then. =[ I sorry you have to face this decision and for your loss.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a miscarriage this week. I was supposed to be 12 weeks, but found out my baby's heart stopped beating at 8. Because it had been so long, the doctor recommended a D&C which I had performed on Tuesday. To be honest, the procedure wasn't bad. I went in, went to sleep, woke up and it was over. I have had some cramping and bleeding since then but nothing horrible and am relieved to have been spared actually seeing my little one. This way, I also know that nothing is left behind after the miscarriage. My doctor was concerned that because of how far along it was, I could have painful hemorrhaging and excessive bleeding at home which may lead to a D&C anyway. 

     Either way, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I recommend you talk the options through with your doctor thoroughly and choose whatever course you think is best. 

  • Thank you everyone.  I think this will probably hit me harder later, but right now I'm just sitting with it.  H is so disappointed and its so hard to see him sad -  I'm 43 and this was a surprise pregnancy, but it will also be our last.

    I think I'll schedule a D&C when I see the doctor on Tuesday just because the risk of complications seems like a real possibility.

    Sending support to all of you - its awful that we have to be in this group, but what a blessing to have someone who understands just a click away.  

  • My procedure was very easy and quick and I had little to no pain and very minor bleeding afterwards. 

    Good luck on Tuesday.  

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