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How to sort clothes...

How do you plan to sort clothes? I am definitely sorting by size, but I don't know why I am stressing over what to hang, what to fold, etc.... Should I sort by outfit, by article of clothing (shirts, pants, onsises)? I want to be organized, but I feel overwhelmed with the amount of hand me down clothes. Any organization ideas are welcome!!
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Re: How to sort clothes...

  • For the first year I hang up everything in the closet so that it's easily visible by size.
  • I think you are over thinking this.  We're putting them in the dresser - onesies, gowns, and sleepers in a drawer, outfits in another drawer.  Diapers on the changing table.
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  • imageCNYBride05:
    I think you are over thinking this.  We're putting them in the dresser - onesies, gowns, and sleepers in a drawer, outfits in another drawer.  Diapers on the changing table.


    Oh, I know I am over thinking this! I am not like this with my own wardrobe lol. This is why I has hoping to get an answer of what is easiest and most convenient. Thanks for the advice!

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  • we cloth diaper, so all those take up a drawer.  I put the onesies, jumper, sleepers in the drawer.  I hang up dresses.  Put the stuff that has a matching top/bottom together in a separate section.  I also got a great organizer tray to put all the little items like newborn mittens, socks,  hats.  Also, i just put 0-3 months in the drawers, but I have all my 3-6 month clothing on hand in large bins next to the dresser to switch out of when the baby gets bigger.  I expect to be a mess and figuring things out the first three months, so I don't want to go through my spacer bags until at least 6 months out. 
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  • We hang shirts and outfits. PJ's, socks, pant, and shorts if not part of an outfit go in drawers.

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  • We just have everything in a drawer and all the bigger stuff that LO can't wear now is hanging up in the closet.

  • I haven't actually done this yet, as the dresser won't be here until next week, but I do have a plan. I bought some adorable closet tags from etsy that have the various sizes on them. So, all the things I hang will be sorted by size with these. Onsies & sleepers will be in the dresser. the closet has great storage baskets that I figure will be good for booties, mittens, and caps.  Like I said, I haven't actually done this yet so I'm sure some adjustments will be made.
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  • I feel your over-organized feels! The way I determined what to hang vs what to fold was "outfit" vs onesies. Any clothing item that has bloomers, pants, or is a dress/romper is hanging (we also have closet dividers). Any clothing item that is "just" a onesie is folded and I have drawer dividers to separate the age groups (3 per drawer). Sleepers also get folded and put in a separate stack next to the correlating. 

    And all this organization will go right out the window once we actually start using any of this stuff, but it sure makes me feel better now! :) 



  • Leave a box by the dresser (for example an empty diaper box), and toss clothes into it when they no longer fit.

    Also since you've got a lot of hand-me-downs, be strict about what you keep. If you hmm and haw at a certain piece, huck it or donate it. LO is gonna grow faster than you expect so you won't need every article of clothing. 

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  • With DD1 her closet space was extremely limited for about the first year of her life, so we only hung nice outfits and dresses. I separated items in her dresser by onesies, outfits, and bottoms. For DD2 I am planning on doing something similar, however, we do have a lot more closet space now, so I don't imagine needing nearly as much dresser space as i did for DD1 for a while! 
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  • Honestly... You'll probably change it once you're in the thick of it and realize what's going to work best for you. 

    LI hang dressy stuff... Dresses, sweaters, ect. Everything else is folded in a drawer and sorted by item- short sleeved onesies in one pile, long sleeved onesies in another, ect.  

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  • kmvwkmvw member
    I have a four drawer dresser that I organized a drawer per size. Top drawer is newborn to 3 months, second is 36 month, third is 69 month and bottom is 12 month and in the drawers I have onesies, pants and sleepers. All other outfits are hanging in closet. In the changing table drawers, I have all little odds and ends like socks, caps, bibs, burp clothes, wash clothes and receiving blankets, along with diapers. I wanted a lot of space so everything could have its own place.

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  • We have some in drawers and some in the closet. Do whatever works for you.
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  • When they are little, I hang coats/sweaters and dresses.  I store outfits together probably up until 6m or so and then they get to the stage where everything mixes and matches more.
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  • I am hanging everything and separating by size (NB, 0-3, 3-6). We only have a few drawers and those are being filled with blankets and socks and whatnot. We have a closet organizer so all her pants and skirts are being folded up in there. 
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  • I went ahead and hung up everything. My aunt made me some really cool divider tabs for the closet bars so I can divide everything by size. I have OCD so it is all divided by size with the tabs in between. (When I say tabs, I mean like you're at a dept. store and you're looking through a rack and there are tabs that divide by S, M, L- they are like that except, NB, 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18, 18-24) then I further divided each section by colors. I figured I just wanted everything hung up so I can really see what I have. 
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  • Right now I only have NB and 0-3 month out.  Everything else is stored away.  Everything is folded and put on shelves, separated in this order:

    -Socks, booties, hats
    -Sleep Sacks
    -Footie Pajamas

    I don't really need to see everything.  We don't have a ton so I know what I have and just look for it based on what it is.

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  • We are using a bassinet in our bedroom for the first few months so all of the nb and 0-3 month clothes are under the bassinet.  Everything else I have sorted according to size and they are in seperate drawers.  The only things I hung up are sweatshirts/hoodies/cardigans and outfits that go together.
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  • Thank you everyone for the responses...I woke up this morning with tons of advice! I am starting to feel better about this. I think I'm going to do what most of you recommended...hang outfits, dresses, all the other items sorted in drawers....we will see what works :-)
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  • How do you sort your clothes? With my daughter, I folded the t-shirts/onesies and pants (like I do for myself). Her dresses, sweaters, etc. were hung (like I do for myself).

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  • Oh my gosh! This is so funny because I literally was freaking out about the same thing! I can't stand not being organized and all these clothes were soooo overwhelming. I am not completely satisfied with what I did but I will share it anyways..

    I washed and put away everything 6 months and under. I put all onsies in the same drawer by size and either long sleeve or short. The next drawer i put all the one piece outfits that are long sleeved with the legs and sleepers by size. And then all her pants and bottoms by size. I was trying to keep the matching pieces together but they can all be mixed and matched so I didnt. Then I hung up all of the dresses, overalls, shirts, sweaters, jackets and all the one piece outfits that arent sleepers basically....and of course they are hung by size and sleeve length...i am a freak. I know! Lol

    Oh, and I have one of those cubby dresser things with the fabric cube drawers.. I put all of her socks, hats, tights and mittens in one of those drawers.
  • I hung up dresses and sweaters in the closet (organized by size). In the dresser I have a drawer for onsies/tights/leggins, one for pants, one for shirts/outfits, one for pajamas and one for misc. clothing.
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