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Just wondering what all of your thoughts are on getting the TDaP vaccine during pregnancy. I was completely unaware that they even gave this shot to pregnant women until my OB suggested I get it at my last appointment. I requested time to think about it, research it and talk to the hubs. I haven't really been able to come up with any negative research on getting the vaccine while pregnant, but the thought of it still makes me nervous.

Would it be as effective if I got the vaccine shortly after giving birth? I would have felt a lot more comfortable getting the shot before getting pregnant, but again, had no idea that this was now a recommendation!

I know whooping cough is a serious illness in infants, sooo... obviously, I am leaning towards just getting the vaccine. Just wondering if anyone else had different thoughts and opinions. It's always good to get multiple opinions to see the whole picture! 

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  • Check out the CDC recommendations. I don't have the links still, but there are websites out there that explain why it is important. Your Dr. should have been able to answer these questions better for you. Getting the vaccine is recommending during EACH pregnancy not just for you, but because baby will be able to get some of the vaccine from you- they can't get any vaccines for the first few months of life so getting flu shots and TDaP during pregnancy are very highly recommended. Call your Dr. back and ask for the literature that I am sure they have, if not, they will be able to provide you with reliable research based evidence as to the benefits of the vaccines for you and baby.
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  • When we had our first two years ago, I got my TDap vaccine in the hospital after giving birth. A few appts ago, my OB surprised me by saying that their office, and many others, had changed their policies and beliefs about the vaccine and now recommend pregnancy women get it before giving birth to pass along that extra protection to the new babe. Like I said, it took me by surprise so I didn't get a chance to research it but I trust my OB office so I took their recommendation and already got it this time around. Just wanted to let you know that it appears to be becoming the new "norm"!
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  • imageHanaLouise:
    Just wondering what all of your thoughts are on getting the TDaP vaccine during pregnancy...Would it be as effective if I got the vaccine shortly after giving birth?

    The recommendation just changed in 2012. Prior to Oct. 2012 the recommendation was to get TDAP right after birth in the hospital. That is what I did for DD in 2011 and it was fine. Its up to you. There is limited evidence to suggest that getting the booster while pregnant (after 28 weeks) does pass some immunity on to your baby (passive immunity). Its up to you and your doctor.

    If you are going to get it then that is all there is to it. I am not sure what "thoughts and opinions" you are after. Most of the alternative thoughts and opinions are going to be from anti-vaxxers who don't want to get the shot at all, I should think.

    So, get the shot. Doesn't really matter when as long as you do.  

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  • The reason it is recommended during pregnancy is that some of the immunities are then passed to the baby.  So no, getting it after birth would not be the same.  I'm not sure why people get so nervous about this - it's come up in at least 3 boards that I frequent here.  I'm a huge researcher, didn't take any meds during pregnancy, etc, but getting TDaP seemed like a no-brainer.  My husband, parents, and sibs got it too.  
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  • Have you had the vaccine in the last 5 years?  If so, my understanding is that you don't need it.  I have to get another one because the last time I got one was in the hospital when DS was born - 5 years ago.  Had I known the "every 5" recommendation beforehand I'd have gotten it before getting pg.  I was told the hospital no longer gives them post-birth, but it sounds like third tri is now the new norm.  
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  • I had no problem getting it.  The new CDC recommendation is to get it I believe within 6w of delivery every pg so the immunity can be passed on to your LO.  My OB agreed.
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  • My OB recommended that both DH and I get it before LO arrives. I got mine Monday and DH got his Tuesday.

    My nephew had whopping cough at 3-days old and it was a very scary ordeal. It is better to get it sooner rather than later. 

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  • Thanks to all who shared their thoughts! I was definitely planning on getting the shot; I had just never heard of shots during pregnancy and had always assumed that it was like taking any other medications while pregnant. If my OB allows, I may still opt to get the shot post-delivery, but I know most everyone in my family has had the shot recently and the hubs will be getting it soon.

     Thanks again!

  • kat012kat012 member
    DH and I both got it and asked our parents to get it too. I felt comfortable after talking to my doctor and researching CDC recommendations.

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