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Plum Organics? Earth's Best?

Hello! My son is almost 3 months old so I am starting some research on different baby foods (for when he is ready). Has anyone fed their baby Plum Organics or Earth's Best? Any information is appreciated! Thanks!!

Re: Plum Organics? Earth's Best?

  • I made my own purees, but bought the cereal.  I used Earth's Best cereal and it seemed fine.  After a little while I switched to Happy Baby because it has more iron in it.  Plan to use the same cereal with DS.  I did use the Plum Organic puffs with DD because they sweeten it with juice which I liked.  I probably won't do puffs this time though.
  • We use both to get more variety in flavors. The only thing that sligltly annoys me about plum organics is that their stage 1 pouch is 3.5 oz (earth's best jars are 2 oz). I end up wasting the rest of the pouch because I never use it all. If you read the labels the two brands differ on how many days you can use them after opened. I'm not sure why their is a difference. Especially if you take the food from the pouch and put it into another container before feeding LO, so the stuff left in the pouch does not get contaminated. IDK.
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  • I make DS's babyfood, but buy the pouches when I have coupons.  The pouches are nice to have on hand in the diaper bag if plans change when we're out and about.  DS has had Plum Organics pouches, Happy Baby pouches, Ella's Organics pouches, and Earth's Best Jars.  I couldn't bring myself to buy Earth's Best pouches because they have zinc sulfate in their pouches (not their jars).  I don't know what zinc sulfates are, so I won't buy them for DS.  
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  • I used Gerber baby purees because the only ingredients were the fruit/vegetable and a little water to make it the right consistency.  The other brands all had additives (probably to make them fortified or what not), and I didn't like that idea.  Initially you're feeding for practice, and they get the majority of their nutrients from BM/Formula anyway.  Gerber even does organic now, if you want to stick with the natural side of things.  It's also way cheaper than the other brands.  That said, I do buy Happy Baby Puffs because they are the only ones labelled gluten free (I have celiac so I'm being careful with C).  You might also find that LO likes one brand over the other.  C would eat Gerber and Happy Baby, but hated Earth's Best and Plum, go figure. 

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