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1st time parents, husband will be in Korea

After a loss in February we are expecting again! Tomorrow will begin week 5 :)  My husband will be gone for at least the last 2 months of the pregnancy, plus another 10 months or so as he will be stationed in Korea for a year. I am a bit heart broke that he will not be here in person for support and to experience every moment. Yet, I am trying to remain positive and think of creative ways to keep him involved and make sure our little one knows their daddy.

 Any other expecting parents going through something similar, or perhaps have done so in the past?

P.S. - we are Air Force, currently stationed in Minot, ND

Re: 1st time parents, husband will be in Korea

  • Not in the exact same situation, but my H deployed when Audrey was 7 weeks old and will be back when she is about 11 months, so he has missed a lot of firsts.  We skype a lot, I send him a ton of pictures, I have an app on my phone called Project365 where I take a picture a day and it uploads it to a website so he can log in and see her everyday.  It will be hard, but just keep him as involved as you can.  It will be hard on the two of you, but luckily your LO will be so young that they will not remember this separation.  Good luck!
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  • I'm in the same boat. My husband is going to Korea less than a month after the baby is due. And he will be in school for 5 months of my pregnancy as well so he is missing a lot. But no matter what happens it will be fine. I think I feel more prepared because I am in the army as well getting out next month so I know how it all works.
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  • I haven't been on the site for a few days and just got a chance to read everyone's replies. Thank you everyone!
  • Have you considered visiting a couple times?  He also gets R&R.  Might make it easier by decreasing the amount of time you're apart and allowing you to see where he's living and working.  When I was there several Soldiers' wives and kids came to visit for a month at a time.  The family would stay in an off post hotel and we allowed the Soldier to stay with them.  That will depend on exactly where he's stationed but it might be something worth looking into.  
  • That has to be very tough. I am sorry. I am a labor and delivery RN. If there are any questions you have please feel free to PM me. It sounds like he will be here for the birth though! That is great news!
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