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Where to sell crib in Howard County.

I am looking to sell my crib, mattress and bedding. Its all in great condition and less than 2 years old. Any recs?

Re: Where to sell crib in Howard County.

  • I signed up for a few consignment pages on FB for my area. I've seen people see cribs, mattress and the bedding online. Although you may have luck with actual consignment stores in Howard County.



  • You might try Greenberries in Columbia.
  • I was in Greenberries (in Columbia) a few weeks ago and was told they don't buy/sell bedding. 

    I have a feeling you're going to have difficulty selling the crib and mattress to a consignment store because of liability.  Maybe try craigs list?

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    Greenberries will take a crib - they had one recently, but not mattresses or bedding.  I personally would buy a crib used, but not bedding or mattress.   But Greenberries isn't very big so they might not have the space for a crib.  Maybe Once Upon a Child in Ellicott City, 

  • Thanks ladies! I have an ad on CL but no hits yet.
  • I bought my crib from someone on a fb yardsale site: Annapolis on line yard sale
  • If it was purchased within the last five years, you can sell to Once Upon A Child. There's one in Gambrills and another on Ellicott City. 
  • What type of crib and bedding is it?  I am having #2 and looking for a crib....
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