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What would you ask a pediatrician as a FTM?

Tomorrow, as part of our labor and delivery class, we get to have a small group session with a pediatrician to ask any and all questions we might have about our future babies.  (We are all first time parents.)  I am having trouble coming up with questions, although I know I probably have a million questions that I would think of after the fact.  As a first time mom, what would you ask??? 

Re: What would you ask a pediatrician as a FTM?

  • Depends on what you and your DH feel strongly about.  We asked about co-sleeping, immunization schedule, lactation support, and office hrs/after hrs issues.
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  • I would ask the doctor what the top questions/concerns mothers of newborns have and see what he says.  I don't think I had any specific questions until my son was actually born.  
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  • The best thing my pediatrician has done for me is mentor me in how to tell if an illness is serious and I need to see a doctor, or go to the ER if after hours, vs when it's something to monitor and treat at home. I'd ask about fever ranges, rashes, and constipation.
  • Ask him/her for their personal cell phone number :) What's the threshold between going to the ER, going to Urgent Care or calling and making an appointment. I remember my father has this saying about breathing, heart and something else that helps him determine where to go or how long it can wait. It is unrealistic for you to expect to remember where/how each rash, symptom, etc. should be treated but if you can just remember when to 'panic' then you're good.

    As a FTM I would ask how often the LO is seen in the first month, between all the appointments you have to make. This is so I know what to expect to dedicate to appointments.

    Traveling with LO is a subject that comes up often.

    Sleeping schedule, feeding schedule, pooping schedule.

  • Great suggestions!  Thank you ladies! 
  • I asked questions that were pertinent to us. So, I wanted to know how supportive of bf they were, how proactive they were with allergies (dh and his mom are both seriously and severely allergic to peanuts and dh is allergic to other things as well), and their general feelings/attitude towards ADHD (dh had it as a child and it was really extreme, he still deals with it a little bit now). 

    So I would suggest you figure out what's important to you, as a parent, and go from there. 

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