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Anybody with GD going with a midwife/birthing center?

I have recently been diagnosed with GD and currently have an OB... but because I know I want a med-free birth, more and more I read about VBACs in hospitals makes me reconsider a birthing center.

Anybody else in the same boat?  Do you know if having GD makes a hospital birth safer/requires more monitoring during labor?


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Re: Anybody with GD going with a midwife/birthing center?

  • The biggest concern with a VBAC is the size of the baby. If the baby is large, it can put undue pressure on the previous cesarean incision and cause it to rupture. If it ruptures, you and your baby could experience severe or even fatal complications. There is no way to know or measure if your scar will hold or not prior to labor.


    If you are considering a VBAC at a birthing center, I would ask how they manage emergency situations, are they equipped to manage an emergency cesarean, and if the baby or you begin to decline, and who will be available on the premises (not just "we will call so and so in") to treat you. 



    It is always a risk, so just make sure you choose the facility with the best access to care if something should go wrong.

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  • Check with the birthing center you are considering- many will not take a high risk patient (if you have GD you are usually considered high risk). I was discharged from a birthing center when I was dx'd.
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  • I've been with a midwife group that delivers in the hospital for my whole pregnancy. They have special birthing rooms that aren't available to high risk because they are not close enough to the possible medical needs (or something) even though they're still located within the hospital. My midwife hasn't said anything to me about me having to find another doctor. So it seems I can still keep my midwives. But probably because I will be birthing in the hospital.

    The hospital I am birthing at has the midwife center attached to it. The hospital is known for it's many midwives and I have been told that due to the large number of women that go to that hospital preferring a natural birth with midwives and doulas assisting that the doctor's aren't as pushy with c-sections and drugs. They're one of the lower c-section hospitals.

    So maybe if you were able to find a midwife that will deliver you in a hospital setting where they have back up equipment that they don't have in a birthing center?

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