3rd Trimester

gestational diabetes

how many of you on here have it? I just took my one hour, I had 170 which seems pretty high. I have to go back on monday for the three hour but I think I will fail that as well... What do you have to do if you have are diagnosed with diabetes? Please no rude comments, just feeling down and trying to get info.
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Re: gestational diabetes

  • I wouldn't worry about your results just yet, I failed with 154 and passed the 3 hour just fine.  It's very common for a lot of people to fail the one hour who don't really have it.  If you do have it, your doctor will work with your specific case and find the best way to manage it.

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  • I failed the 1 hour with a 169 and passed the 3 hour. Don't worry until you get the results.
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  • It isn't that big of deal I am third pregnancy with GD. Control your diet, eat more protein and less carbs. You might have bigger baby


  • Don't worry about it until you take your 3 hour test...I failed the 1st one and just received phone call that I passed the 3 hour...I was told a lot of people tend to fail the screening and then pass the 3 hour. Good Luck and hope you pass it! :)
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  • I have GD I passed the one hour but the doctors did it so early and I developed it later am on diet and shots to control blood suger
  • I'm on my second baby with GD both times.  It really isnt' that big a deal, I've been able to be diet controlled for both and was able to go all the way to my due date basically (induced 3 days early last time).  They did get me worried that I'd have a huge baby, she ended up only being 6lbs 13 oz.  This time around they are again estimating that she will be big....but I am very skeptical of the accuracy of growth ultrasounds after the last time.  You and baby will be fine either way, try not to stress about it!
  • I also have GD and the Dr. sent me to see a nutritionist.  She showed me how to split up my carbs throughout the day so that my blood sugar levels would remain stable.  If you do end up having GD there is a great app called Lose It that helps you calculate the amount of carbs you are taking in.  You are able to search for foods or scan bar codes from any food to see how many carbs are in a serving size.  I have to check my blood sugar four times a day which is very simple.  For now try and limit the amount of carbs you take in.  Fruit is something that has a ton of carbs which i never realized.  For now you can try and just focus on having more protein with each meal.  If you do have GD it should go away as soon as the baby is born.  Also if you do have GD the baby should be just fine as long as you stick to a balanced diet and control your carb intake.  Good luck and try not to stress too much. It really is manageable.  
  • As others have said, GD is not a huge setback nor should you beat yourself up or blame yourself. I'm much healthier thanks to the nutritional advice and regular blood sugar monitoring. Its been tougher third tri, especially with my job schedule this sumner, but its manageable. I only really missed the overindulgence excuse that comes with pregnancy!
  • I have it and i am 36 weeks and 2 days prego and I failed my 1 hour skipped the 3 hour cause mine was so high it was 232 on my 1 hr. but i seen a dietician and i am controlling it with diet. So i would not worry about it .
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  • I just found out that I failed the one hour one as well.. I am taking the 3 hour on Monday.  NOT looking forward to it!  Fingers crossed everything will work out.  I cried when I called my mom and she said, "the baby is getting what he needs and you are left with the rest..." I will be thinking of you Monday when I am starving with you Smile Be happy!! Don't let this get you down... I am trying to do the same, I know it's harder than it sounds. 

     If we don't pass... life will go on and we will have healthy (maybe big) babies!! Keep your head up!

  • I have GD and I'm 36 weeks pregnant. The doctor sent me to see a nutricionist and I've been able to control my weight and sugar levels. I wouldn't worry about it. It's all about portions. Good luck! :)
  • I also failed my at 150, mind you I eat very healthy (paleo) for the most part with occasional indulgences. Went back and had to do the awful 3 hour one. I'm waiting for the results. I had a friend fail her first one it's normal to not pass the first test for a lot of people.
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