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Baby loves Daddy more

I'm a working mom and my husband stays home with our 3 month old. It seems to be increasingly obvious that my husband is our baby's favorite, and it's driving me to tears. Even when I'm holding my baby he looks to his daddy. What can I do?

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  • Awww, hun. He does not love Daddy more!! 3 months is when they start really noticing their surroundings. He's looking at your H b/c he is there. Every time DS1 walks into the room, DS2 stops what he's doing to seek him out. Doesn't mean that DS2 loves his brother more than me!! Wink Just means he's distracted by another person.

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  • I was a SAHM mom when my first was a baby and he literally screamed if my husband came in the room.  It was very hard on my husband.  But like everything with kids, it was a phase, and without notice, my son's face lit up if he saw Daddy. What helped for us was to have my husband spend time with my husband without me anywhere in sight, sometimes not even in the house. The beginning was rough because my son would flip out, but since I wasn't there to distract him, he'd eventually settle down and he and my husband got their bonding time.

    Kids will go back and forth with having a "favorite" parent. My older one is definitely in his "daddy" phase right now. That has its ups and downs. My husband enjoys being the "favorite," but he's also the only one my son will allow to brush his teeth, read him a bedtime story and put him to bed, so it gets tiring.

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    You will always be his momma and he loves you. Likewise he will always love daddy. There are no favorites; especially at 3 months. will be going through this off and on for several more years. My 4 yo often plays manipulator when she doesn't get her way.

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  • At that age, my DS often would settle for DH better than me (unless he was hungry and then, well, mama milk is magic). It was frustrating that I couldn't figure out what he wanted/needed. Eventually it evened out and he would do fine with either of us. Right now, he's going through a phase where Daddy just can't settle him down, and I have to do it. Kids do this all the time! 
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  • Hang in there, it will most likely change. For the first 6 or so months Lillian would pretty much only give smiles to my H. I hated it and I was irrationally pissed about it. Well now she wants me for everything and H is more her "playmate" right now.

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  • My LO just started this and he's 14 months old.  Tis okay. It's only a phase.  6 months ago he wanted mommy, mommy, mommy.  He'll be back.  Just wait.
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  • Thanks everyone. All your replies really make me feel much better. This baby is my first, so it helps to hear some voices of experience. 
  • The same thing has been happening to me, my baby lights up whenever her daddy is around. I guess she is a daddy's girl. 
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