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Really small baby shower

Anyone else having a really small baby shower? I'm a military wife in Japan and my coworkers threw a surprise baby shower for me already (which was awesome of them!). A friend if mine also wants to throw a shower for me, but my guest list has decreased a lot as it was mostly coworkers. Obviously I can't invite them, they have already given gifts. So my guest list has dwindled to about three people! I want it to be a coed shower so husbands are invited too. 

 I guess my concern is my friend putiing in all this effort for so few people. Is it worth it for her to still put together a shower for me? Any small shower ideas?  

Re: Really small baby shower

  • My baby shower was this past weekend. I wanted it to be coed, open house sort of thing. My husband was there. We invited all of our friends and coworkers. We had it out by the pool at the gym I work at. Even though we invited tons of people, Less than 10 showed up! I was a little disappointed that so few came. But I know summer is a busy time for people. So we basically just all sat around the tables eating and chatting. I gave the option for people to swim but seeing how we live in Idaho, the weather is so unpredictable and was windy and a little cool! I felt bad for my friend who put it all together for such a small group, but she was more than happy to do it, and I am sure your friend loves you and wouldn't mind doing it no matter the outcome. :)

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  • I would still do it but Id do a smaller get together, maybe at a restaurant or tea shop. :) 


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  • I had 11 people at one of mine. It was nice because I felt I actually got to talk to everyone there.
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  • My most recent shower was a total of 6 people including myself and the hostess.  She didn't mind one bit that it was a small event and neither did I.  We had some brunch style food and did a fun craft instead of playing games.  It was really nice to be able to connect with everyone. 

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  • I love hosting smaller parties! I would talk to your friend about the situation and see if she wants to still host a shower. I don't see why she wouldn't want to and I think a co-ed intimate gathering sounds perfect!
  • I would just say to your friend exactly what you said here. If she knows it will be a small group she can plan accordingly.
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  • I agree with PP's; a nice, small intimate baby shower might be nice at a restaurant or something. I too prefer co-ed over just the ladies. I feel more comfortable around men in general and I always need DH there as an escape, especially from any female members of my family or his. 

    And not to be a brat, but less to deal with a smaller shower.I'm definitely grateful for everyone's support and generous gifts, but it's overwhelming. Not just with the thank you cards, but keeping track of everyone and everything and talking to everyone who is physically there. I've had one shower (wrote 26 thank you cards) and I have two more showers in the coming weeks. I hate being the center of attention and had I known my family (divorced parents and ILs) wouldn't have cooperated and done one shower, I probably would have opted out before realizing all of them were planning seperate showers. Small and intimate seems like a super nice idea at this time. 


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