3rd Trimester

27 weeks tomorrow-intro

Hi y'all, I am 27 weeks tomorrow!  So excited to be in the 3rd trimester, can't wait to meet my little girl in just a couple of months!  I can't believe how fast this whole pregnancy has gone and have enjoyed every moment!  :)


Re: 27 weeks tomorrow-intro

  • Welcome! It's crazy how fast the time has flown by. I feel like my first 12 weeks were the slowest, then it's all just zipped by since then. It's crazy that all of our babies will be here right around the corner!! I'm glad things have been enjoyable for you, and hope they stay that way!
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  • Congrats and welcome to 3rd tri!
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  • Welcome! Time does fly. It is only going by faster the further along I get. I can't wait to meet my little girl either. :)
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