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Breech after bruised belly?

I just left a message for my doctor about my situation, but I figured I would post while I waited for the call back.

Saturday I squatted down to pick something up and accidentally bumped my belly right on the corner of my coffee table and it HURT really bad!  It was pretty red right away and now it still looks and feels bruised.  The baby has been moving regularly ever since so I wasn't too concerned at first.  But now it seems as though he may have flipped to a breech position.  I always felt his little feet kick in the upper right side of my belly, but now I feel a round lump there and feel kicking in my lower left side.  I'm 33weeks4days so I know there's still time for him to flip back if he is breech, but I'm worried the blow from the coffee table may have scared or hurt him causing him to flip.  Any thoughts?

The nurse just called me back - she's gonna talk to my doc and call me back.  Hoping I'm just freaking out over nothing...

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Re: Breech after bruised belly?

  • My lo always kicks in the lower left quadrant and she is already head down. Fx that yours is too.
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  • My son unsuspectingly jumps on my belly for fun. They're pretty well padded in there.
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  • cheapocheapo member
    My daughter flipped at 38 weeks.  so don't worry.  you have plenty of time.  how do you know he is breech?
  • Thanks girls.  My doctor told me not to worry - baby boy is very well protected.  I just thought it was odd that he changed positions.  I don't know for sure if he is breech, I'm just going by what I feel.  I have an apt Friday so I'll see if my doc can confirm.
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