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Contractions and no Dilation?! Update

I have been having pretty bad contractions on and off since four o'clock this morning. I went in for my weekly check up this morning and my doctor checked my cervix and said that I was not dilated. (Boo!) I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and I'm so uncomfortable. They're anywhere between 2-5 minutes apart and in between the painful parts my belly is still rock hard. The doctor felt my belly when I was in the middle of a contraction and he said "yep you're definitely having a contraction" He also said that my little one is still a little high up? I don't know what that means but obviously it's not what I wanted to hear. Has / is anyone else going through this? How long will this last until I can start dilating. My doctor said that if it continues throughout the day/night and gets stronger (which it does on and off) to go into L&D and get checked to see if I'm dilating at all. So far they're not terribly painful but they're really strong and they do not get better if I switch positions, move, or walk around my house. I have been chugging down water all day and taking it easy and even that seems not to help.

I'm getting so impatient and so emotional. I feel like I'm not making any progress and just getting worse. I've recently started to do more to try and help labor along as well. Such as, eat pineapple, go for walks, and have sex. Obviously none of it seems to be working. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Sorry for the little bit of a rant. I've just been terribly emotional lately and I really don't want to go into L&D and have them tell me yet again that nothing is happening have me sit in there for 6 hours then send me home with not even a little hope of having this baby anytime soon.

I also forgot to add that after almost every contraction I get terribly nauseous. 

And when I went into the doctor today and got my weight I lost another 2 pounds. So I've lost a total of 4 1/2 pounds in 2-3 weeks. I don't understand what's going on. =/

Re: Contractions and no Dilation?! Update

  • It's hard to hear, but you just need to wait it out. Don't try to get stuff doing more - your body will go into full blown labor and dilate when it's ready.  Stay away from the OB until your scheduled appointments, just work through them at home. Every labor is different and there isn't anything worrysome in what you said.  Take naps, get good sleep at night, walk (but do NOT overdo it), and try to be prepared and rested. Try your best not to pay attention to dilation or no dilation!

    I've heard of women losing weight at the end, don't worry about that. 

  • I know it stinks but try to relax as much as you can. Have your SO give you a massage and go for a nice leisurely walk. Maybe have one last date night (or at-home date night if you aren't up to leaving the house) before baby comes. Your LO will be here soon!

    Also, it's completely normal to lose weight during the last couple weeks of pregnancy. I lost four pounds as well. I can't remember why but I had asked my doc about it and she reassured me. 

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  • I always lose weight the last month. As for the rest - sorry that sucks. I usually walk around 3-5 cms for weeks but I don't usually have painful contrax for that long...
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  • Unfortunately, these are normal end of pregnancy woes... 

    The contractions are helping your uterus prep for the big day - so while it is annoying and painful being "tight" it does do you some good.

    The nausea could be coming from baby's position. If baby is still high up and pressing on your stomach/liver that will do the trick (especially if baby's butt/spine is on the right vs left side.)  Check out spinningbabies.com for ideas on how to give baby room to get into proper position which may make things a bit more comfortable at this point.

    The weight loss at end of pregnancy is totally normal as well and can also be attributed to your nausea. 

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