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MTF, PCM, PIA pain in the

I have tricare prime and 4 weeks pregnant,i understand i have to see pcm first and then get a referral. My question is, do I have to see my PCM for everything first, with continuing my prenatal care or will it be the OB after i get my referral from then on for the next 9 months? Thanks

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  • As best I understand and how it has worked for me is I went to my PCM to confirm the pregnancy and get a referal.  I go straight to my OB now and they are taking care of all of the paperwork for the hospital. The referal you receive from the PCM will only be good for the time in which you are receive prenatal and postnatal care.

    I believe you need a new referal for going back to the gyn. You need a new referal for each specialist doctor you go to each year meaning you have to go back to the PCM for those referals once a year. My speciality doctors warn me when my referal is about to run out so I can schedule with my PCM.  

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  • You might call your MTF and ask as I never had to have an actual appointment with my PCM. I was just referred to the lab for a blood draw and the results were sent to my PCM who then sent in the referral. 
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  • You don't have to go back once a year to renew. Usually my referrals are good for 16 visits and then they put in for more. I have had this go on for years without having to go back to my pcm

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  • I started at one day station with my pregnancy then PCS'd and am currently at a second.  At the first duty station, my PCM referred me to OB just for pregnancy-related stuff.  Everything else I had to go see my PCM about.  At the second duty station, they made an OB my actual PCM (not that I've seen the PCM but that's another story).  So at the second duty station I go to OB for absolutely everything - even non-pregnancy-related.  So it probably depends on where you're at.
  • Is your PCM at an MTF? Many bases don't require you to go to your MTF PCM for pregnancy confirmation. You go to the lab and ask for a pregnancy test. If it comes back positive, OB at the MTF will contact you. That has been my experience at 3 separate bases.
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