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Braxton Hicks question from FTM

I am having mild cramping, like I'm on my period, right above my pubic bone all across the lower part of my tummy. My lower back has a very dull ache. Is this what Braxton Hicks feel like? I have no clue what to really look for, as I'm not sure what contractions are really going to feel like. I've already drank 3 glasses of water and I haven't been on my feet today. I'm not panicked or worried, just trying to find other mommies who would have some advice? My GF told me to call my dr but I'm in the middle of switching providers. So I don't know who to call? My appt is tomorrow with my new provider. Could it just be upset tummy?
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Re: Braxton Hicks question from FTM

  • BH varies for everyone. I'm 28 w and having a lot of them.  It's only a tightening / may take my breath for a moment type thing.  I do know that regardless, they do NOT need to be more than 4 in an hour.  If they start getting close together, call your OB or L&D.  Take a warm bath to try and relax and drink more water.  I had to go to L&D last week because mine were coming on every 5 minutes.  No dilation, but it was important to get them under control.  
  • I have felt mild cramping once or twice as well. As long as I wasn't bleeding, I didn't worry. Those dont sound like Braxton Hicks the way that I have experienced them. For me it was always an uncomfortable tightening of my belly. I have been told that our health insurance actually has nurses on call that are there to help answer any question that you might have. I am sure you are totally fine but if you were looking for immediate ease of mind while in between doctors, you may want to see about calling them ;) 
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  • BH generally feel like your stomach tightening. It will feel very hard to the touch but generally aren't painful. And if you are having a cramping feeling, that doesn't sound like BH. You should probably call your OB.

  • BH take my breath away for a moment, but they do NOT feel like menstrual cramps. I would call your OB with period cramps and your lower back aching.
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  • Yes I had two babies in there but FWIW, I had started having tons of BH contractions at 15w and would get really painful ones throughout the day starting at around 30w that continued until I was induced at 38w. They felt like awful period cramps, they sometimes lasted as long as 5-6 minutes and I had to breathe through them.

    My OBs weren't concerned about them as long as they were intermittent but I would get it checked out just be sure this is going to be a new "normal" for you and not a sign of impending labor.



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