3rd Trimester

Some people!

Today I was asked how much longer until my "babies" were here.  Uh lady, there's only ONE in there, thankyouverymuch. 

Re: Some people!

  • I don't know how far along you are since you don't have a ticker but I can tell you that even having carried two babies and on my third it is still amazing to me just how BIG a woman's belly can get near the end.  It's amazing and a little shocking.  I doubt she meant all that much really. 
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  • People have no filters. My sister is pregnant with her first and everyone keeps asking her if it's her second because she's "so big". She is afraid to leave the house now.
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  • I'm 37 weeks.  I wanted to ask when HER baby was due. 
  • People are dumb. You just have to ignore all those comments. Now that I'm 32 weeks, I'm starting to get the "so big" or "about to pop" comments. I let them slide right off and write the people off as ignorant.
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