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I honestly have no idea how I am still pregnant. I had an appt. Friday and was 90% effaced and dilated at a 4. No clue how I am still pregnant. I have been walking like crazy and have had tons of mucus come out in the last 9 days with a few BH all week. no point to this post really except I am super scared to go to work tomorrow if nothing happens today. Labor dust please! 

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  • I've known people who have walked around for a couple weeks at 4cm and 90% effaced. Hopefully the process is faster for you!
  • I understand your need to vent!  Five days left for me.  Been stalled at 60% effaced, -1 engagement and 3 cm for a few weeks but the doctors tell me that I should be pleased that I have anything going on considering its a first pregnancy. I've had contractions since Friday evening. They are regular for an hour or two and then go away again. Frustrating!  Good luck to you and I hope your baby comes soon!
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  • Good luck to you- I hope your LO comes soon!
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  • I hope the baby comes soon!!
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