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Is a natural birth really possible in Florida?

Hey Moms to be in Florida... I want a natural birth and will be opting to have little to no interventions. I was combing the internet on natural births and found alarming statistics for women who give birth in the state of florida.. I saw that even one hospital Kendall Regional Medical Center had a 71% cesarean rate... This or course scared me. I just wanted to get some advice from any women in florida who have giving birth naturally what ways to prevent this from happening to me unless the baby is breached or the umblical cord is wrapped around it's neck? Thanks

PS. I have included a link to the rates of all the hospitals in florida so any expectant Mothers if you interested in where your hospital stands check it out.

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Re: Is a natural birth really possible in Florida?

  • There are a great number of reasons to have a C-section, only two of which you have listed.  I'll bullet these for better clarity.

    *Prolonged labor

    *failure to descend

    *fetal distress of any kind (late decels, cord around neck, etc)

    *inadequate passage ability

    *prior C-section (not everyone can do VBAC)

    *very large baby 



    *prolapsed cord

    *certain birth defects

    *maternal conditions (high BP, severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia)

    *placenta previa or placental abruption

    *certain STDs.  

    * Breech, as you mentioned.

    There are more.

    You also need to keep in mind that some hospitals have a higher C-section rate due to the type of care they provide.  Centers with a high level NICU often have more c-sections because of preemie and high risk babies.  

    Centers with a very high rate of poverty in the area sometimes have higher rates, because of the lack of prenatal care often received and that can lead to complications.  

    Honestly, if you want little to no interventions, you may want to consider a birthing center.  Most hospitals are going to require you to be monitored. Without that, they can't know if you are having a problem.  

    Oh and the info in that list is from 2008.  Ask for more current info. 



  • wcamiwcami member
    Thanks for the feedback. I figured that the only way would be a birthing center.
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  • You're right.  It is quite difficult to find a natural birthing center.  This may be a bit North for you if you are in Kendall, but perhaps you can start your search by looking into the Palms Birth House.  Below is the link...

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  • I had an amazing natural birth with my midwife at the hollywoodbirthcenter!! Ii gave birth and 6 hours later was at home with my baby having brakefast. I am pregnant again and I am deffintely doing it again!!!
  • Thanks for the info! It looks like I'll have to deliver at Jackson Memorial myself (47% cesarean rate). Really hoping for a natural birth, although I am high-risk. I don't mind the monitoring, I just want to be able to give birth vaginally if possible and to not be rushed or forced into c-section if it's not absolutely necessary (I hear this happens often).
  • Maybe too late but for me the important part to having a vaginal delivery was the dr. I interviewed several till I found one who understood my determination to have my son natural. I had him after pushing for 3 hours in a hospital.
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