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Baby B is looking fabulous! His/her heart rate was 178 and we were even able to hear it! My RE said the baby is looking great and is even measuring 2 days ahead!

Baby A is not doing well. He/she is measuring almost 2 weeks behind. There is a heartbeat, but it was not as fast as Baby B's (she didn't tell me the number).

I have been released from the RE to go to the OB. I am very, very thankful that Baby B is doing so well, but my heart is saddened that we will probably lose Baby A. The RE was not hopeful. 

Thank you all for the good wishes! 

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Re: U/S--Bittersweet

  • I am really sorry to hear about baby A but so glad to hear that all is well with Baby B. Best wishes. 
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  • This is truly bittersweet. I'm really pulling for baby A, and grow babies grow!!

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  • I am both happy and sad for you. Congrats on baby B looking so good but I'm sorry baby A isn't doing well. [[[hugs]]]

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  • I'm so sorry. I can only imagine the turmoil. Hugs to you and your H. I've got my fingers crossed for baby A!

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  • That's so hard to take in! Here's hoping Baby A pulls through!
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  • I am so sorry about Baby A. :( Many T&Ps with y'all!!! I am so glad to hear Baby B is doing well; keep on, truckin' LO! 
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  • mdr619mdr619 member
    That is the ultimate bittersweet. Lots of hugs to you! I'm sad to hear about baby A, but things definitely sound hopeful for baby B!

  • Thank you ladies. Your support means a lot to me.
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  • imageHashtagRainbow:
    Hugs I'm happy to hear Baby B is doing so well and sad for you guys about Baby A. When does your RE want you to get in to see the OB to monitor them? I've read so much about one being behind the other and the underdog catching up...it's not over yet. Congratulations on graduating, and I am thinking about you and sending tons of positive juju your way!

    I'm not sure. I figure since I'm almost 8 weeks the OB will see me soon. I'm hoping they will do another u/s fairly soon just so we know for sure.
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  • Allie, sorry to hear about baby A! Praying she or he catches up!
    Glad baby B is doing well!
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    Due February 13, 2014 with two BOYS! 
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  • Thoughts and prayers for you.
  • So sorry about baby A. Hopefully he or she will pull through.
    Congrats on the great heartbeat with baby B!
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  • this is tough! (((hugs))) to you!

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  • Sending you and Baby A strong, positive thoughts. And a high five to Baby B!

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    DS1 born 12.31.11 ~ DS2 born 2.4.14

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