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Hi all! I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd introduce myself. 

DH and I met in college ten years ago and the rest is history: love, marriage, and the baby carriage - with a 3-week-old. Both of us come from families with traditions of public and military service, so I wasn't surprised last summer when DH started talking to a recruiter about the Navy. At this point, we're waiting for the selection boards later this year.

There's obviously a lot we still don't know; the biggest transition will be for me, as I've lived in one place my entire life. I did want to ask, though - what do you do about safe deposit boxes as you move? We have accounts at Navy Federal already, but they don't do safe deposit. Do you just open accounts at whatever bank is closest to you when you PCS?


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  • We don't have a safety deposit box.  If it's important to you to have one then you would just rent one at a bank where you live.  The bank where my parents had one let you rent them without having any other accounts with them.  I don't know if anyone still does that anymore.  
  • Have you asked Navy Federal if they have agreements with local banks or credit unions?  Otherwise, if necessary, I would consider opening an account with another bank, like BofA so that you have local banking privileges available to you.

    We don't have a safety deposit box at a local bank, but we purchased a fire-proof safety box that we keep with us.   

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  • We don't have a safety deposit box, we also have a fire proof box. No matter where we move to we stay with Navyfed. Navyfed has a program where if you are AD with direct deposit they will re inburse you ATM fees if you use a non NFCU atm.
  • We also have a fire proof box to keep things in, it's small enough we can travel with it in our cars when we PCS.  We stick with USAA and PenFed every move we have, USAA also reimburses ATM fees.  We're lucky though, where we're currently stationed, they're building a USAA bank, so we'll be able to bank in person if we want to.
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