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Loudoun Hospital vs. Reston Hospital

When I had my son in 2011, I delivered at the Birthing Inn at Loudoun Hospital. I had a great experience there. However, I have heard that things have gone down hill since then and that it is a poor patient experience now. 

My OB practices out of Loudoun and Reston but I dont know enough about Reston (or the current state of Loudoun) to make a decision.  Has anyone delivered at either of these hospitals relatively recently? What was your experience? Thanks so much!


Re: Loudoun Hospital vs. Reston Hospital

  • Have not delivered in either but toured both and preferred Loudoun much more than Reston.
    We ultimately chose loudoun due to lower csection stats and we felt more comfortable on the tour. We also heard from several people that we would be more supported at Loudoun with our plan of a non medicated birth.


  • have not delivered there myseld but many friends have and even have some friends that are nurses at Loudoun.  love it there, i am surprised you have heard bad things...good luck!
  • I'm a FTM, natural @40 and just finished up the all-day birthing class and tour over at the Loudoun Birthing Inn--seemed wonderful (with the actual labor and delivery room); either way you only get it for 2 days before you're shuttled out to a regular hospital room. Have a C-section and you recover in a different place, too. I looked at Reston online and they aren't as well-reviewed. If you're planning on a more natural birth and hopeful for that 2-day stay, the birthing rooms are huge!!!
  • My delivery was at Reston, and we were very pleased with the care received.  I had to have an emergency c-section and was amazed at how quickly the OR team assembled and how organized they were.  They did a fabulous job despite the complications and surprises we provided for them.  All pain medication was left up to my own discretion, and I felt very supported when I chose to shorten the amount of time I was on the epidural post c-section.  The recovery nurses were fantastic!  They provided pillows a plenty, were willing to shift me around in my bed as requested, were accommodating to varied meal times, and were helpful in encouraging me to nurse properly.  There are lactation consultants regularly doing rounds too, and everyone is accessible via phone should you need them sooner. 
  • I delivered at the Birthing Inn one year ago (June 2012) and was very pleased.  They were supportive of my choice for natural labor, and when LO wouldn't drop at all after 10 hrs, they were all very supportive when we had to go to an unplanned c/s.   The nurses were super nice and helpful and the stay in the room was really comfortable.  Only one nurse was a little pushy with offering a paci to our LO, but otherwise no complaints. The food was good, it was a private room for both L&D and recovery, and everyone was willing to answer any questions we had at all hours.

    I had a friend deliver at Reston, and they gave her baby a bottle right away and she's had trouble BFing ever since.  Not sure how the rest of her experience was, but just b/c of that I'd prefer Loudoun.

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