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I am going to be a 1st time mom in January. I want to cloth diaper. I live in the Coconut Creek area. Does anyone know of any cloth diaper classes or places in the area that could give me information?

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  • wcamiwcami member
    I have been considering cloth diapers myself. I haven't found any classes on that subject but a lot of websites that sell them, if you are okay with sewing you can make them yourselves. When I was a baby that's what was used on me cloth diapers and they were made with fabric and safety pins.
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  • I have been having the same thoughts, and I think if you ask your OB/GYN, they can find you the proper and correct information and classes for you. I know thats what I'm doing when I have my next appt.
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  • EmbilEmbil member
    There is also a cloth diapering thread on this board with a lot of good information. We are looking at G Diapers with the disposable liner to start and see how it goes, but there are a ton of options.
  • I took a class at The Gathering Place in Miami it was fantastic! Explained everything and had lots of hands on diapers and accessories to play with. I highly recommend it because as much as I read prior to taking the class, I still felt lost! They even have a little store that sells some great items.
  • we have been cloth diapering since 2010 and wouldn't change a thing... I host cloth diapering classes in coral springs. we have even host the great cloth diaper change since 2011. there are many resources available for cloth diapering... contact me at [email protected] to schedule a class. hope this helps!
  • There's a group on facebook called South Florida Cloth Diapering. You should definitely check it out!
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  • Hello Everyone!!


    Many of our mom's here at the school, love this idea!

    Target sells them and for a good price!

    The only negative is when your out & about. Just buy regular diapers when you want to go around town!


    Happy holidays everyone!
    -Tiniciti Preschool
  • We took cloth diaper class at Palms Birth House and loved cloth diapering our first! Saving them for baby 2 now! A lot simpler than I thought it would e. great experience
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