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Local Bakery Suggestions for Gender Reveal?

Hello! Im looking for a baker or bakery that isn't too pricey, and in the Cranston area. I'm doing a gender reveal with cupcakes (the inside filled with pink or blue) in Arizona which is where I live, but I don't want to leave my husband family out, and they live in RI.

I was thinking I could order some for them locally, and then we could all face chat and take a bite of our cupcakes at the party at the same time as them, so no one finds out at a different time.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I'm planning on doing it near the end of August, so there is plenty of time still =)

Thank you!!

Re: Local Bakery Suggestions for Gender Reveal?

  • Tbd143Tbd143 member
    LaSalle Bakery is really good. They are in Providence, but still pretty close. As someone who lived across country from family, I think that what you are doing is awesome!

    This board can be a little quiet, so even though I don't know a place in Cranston, I thought I'd respond.
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  • LaSalle is definitely awesome, but I'm from Cranston and there are a few places.  Deluise on Oaklawn Ave should be able to do it and I actually know a few people that got them done at Stop and Shop, which would be pretty inexpensive!  Good luck!




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  • Thanks guys = I will definitely give all three a call to figure out pricing, but I totally didn't think of stop and shop. We're doing a grocery store bakery out here too, so we may do that. Thanks again!!!
  • Sweet Indulgence, they are awesome.  Check them out on FB or their web site.

  • I second Sweet Indulgence or Silver Spoon Bakery.
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