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I scared my baby!

So, recently, since little beans started crawling, I've been practicing "no" when she ventures near something she shouldn't be near. I say a "no!" and clap my hands; not in a loud or aggressive way or anything. She usually just turns around and looks at me and smiles, which is enough to distract her to crawling somewhere else.

The goal is to just get her used to the word at this point.

Anyway, she was crawling toward the airwick dealy plugged into the wall, so I did my no thing, she looked at me, then started back toward it again. This time my husband chimed in and no'd her as well.

Apparently this was too much for Evie, because she gave us both a startled look and burst into tears! I felt soooo horrible, I didn't mean to scare her! She recovered after a quick snuggled, but geez. Guilt much! 

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Re: I scared my baby!

  • Don't fret too much! My DD does the same thing. I don't think it is because she is scared but because she doesn't like being told NO! She is a pro at throwing a fit when we tell her No or move her away from something she isn't allowed to have. Such a hard life our LO's have Smile


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  • Aww... hahaha!

    Rhett kept on trying to gag himself  one night at dinner. My H fussed at him and Rhett gave him the biggest boo boo face then glared at him for like 10mins. Silly kiddos. They do have it so hard don't they. 

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  • I have done it a few times and feel horrible. She gets the biggest open mouth cry, it's so sad! Luckily it's only happened twice with me. I'm trying to find a new way to get her not to play near dangerous things. Moving her a million times gets old and yelling at her seems too mean.

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  • Aw. It is really sad. The guilt is awful for sure and it doesn't go away. She needs to learn though so keep at it.
    Btw, those real sad tears eventually turn into crocodile ones. It's not so bad then.
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  • Aw, don't worry. I did the same thing the other day. I caught DS pulling the plug out of the wall and didn't yell, but just gave him a stern "no!" I think my voice was deeper sounding and I also startled him cuz he had his back turned and didn't know where I was. Made me feel so bad when he started crying. Snuggles made it all better, though.

  • I did that too when he crawled towards an outlet, he had the saddest face, broke my heart.
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