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Ugh, my mom drives me crazy! Rant

So my mom is the type of person who doesn't have a filter and basically just blurts out stuff. It's embarrassing and I've called her out on it more times than I can count.

I called her on Thursday to check in and make sure she was coming to help with DD1's birthday party Friday. We had DD's party at the place where she does gymnastics and I had invited 7 of her friends but wanted my mom and DH there to help out and watch since I'm not really able to do much lifting and such. She made a comment about how huge I am and how she's worried about me going into labor at the bday party and how she thinks my MW should induce me because she thinks the baby is too big to come out. I explained to her that I'm measuring just perfect and I'm not THAT big. Granted, I'm huge for me but I'm also full term with my third baby and being only 5'1" and starting out at 115 lbs makes you look giant. Ugh! I calmly explained that the baby would come out just fine and I wasn't looking to be induced. I'm sure I'll go into labor on my own just like I did with my other two, I'm definitely not concerned at all with my size.

So I blew off her comments and then last night at the party she starts talking about how big she's afraid this baby is and how she's not sure that it'll come out ok. I just shot her a look like, SU Mom! The parents of my DD's friends were there and it was just not appropriate. We were all joking about me going into labor and having my water break at the party. So then I excuse myself to use the restroom and as I walk away, she says, "Drip, drip, drip." Ugh, soooo annoying!! I pretty much ignored her the rest of the night.

The thing is, I love my mom, I really do. But she drives me crazy. She's an intelligent woman who has given birth 4 times so she should know that bodies grow and babies come out just fine. I'm just so ready to be done with her comments and no matter how much I tell her off it'll just continue until this LO is born.

Had to vent!!

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Re: Ugh, my mom drives me crazy! Rant

  • I am sorry.  It seems your mother is a lot like mine, but you deal with her much better than I do.  Unfortunately i keep a lot of my frustration bottled up inside since I don't see her very often. However, this causes a lot of hard feelings.  :(  I would say just keep expressing yourself,  however, I feel your pain! 
  • I hear ya. I'm the youngest of 3 girls and my sisters, who are identical twins, are just like my mother, where I'm more like my dad. So I get picked on mercilessly. I know they mean well so I don't let it bother me but I know how you feel, sometimes it's just like shhh!!!!!
  • Normally I can get along with mine ok.  She has her moments, but during each pregnancy she drives me insane.  I don't know if it is me or her or hormones, but good grief.  It sounds like you handled your self quite well and hopefully you can shake off her funk today!

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  • I'm sorry:(  Baby will be here soon enough and then hopefully the comments will stop. 
  • Ugh, it all sounds annoying, but that "drip, drip, drip" comment would have made me feel so embarrassed and self conscious. I'm sorry she's behaving like this!

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