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Party Favors.....

Hi Ladies,


I need ideas for party favors for a first birthday party.  I am open to getting the girls and boys seperate things. We have 5 of each coming and they range in age from 1-10.  I'm looking for something they can actually use or something that won't get thrown away right after the party.  The theme is Minnie but obviously the goody bags don't need to reflect that for the boys :) Thanks for your help! 

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Re: Party Favors.....

  • We're having a pool party and so I got:

    bubbles - whichs gets used and used up

    tattoos - which is fun but then gets washed off

    fish shaped bath toys - which can be added to their bath toy stash

    crazy straws - again used and then eventually thrown away

    and little beach pails which they'll be able to decorate at the party and can be used to store their party favors and then other items later.

    How about if you got something neutral and then provided stickers of minnie and mickey for the kids to decorate it with?  Though I don't know if a 10 year old would want a micky anything.  What about hacksac balls?  I bet those come in Disney too and older kids seem to like those, right?

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  • That's a big age range! 

    I'd probably do different things for the 1-5 or 6 range and the 6 or 7-10

    Bubbles, crayons, play doh, coloring books, stickers, Minnie or Mickey figurines or small plush, puzzle, beach balls, pails and general beach toys are good ideas for the small ones 

    Bounce, hacksac, volley or soccer balls; fun activity book, pencil case with crayons, water guns, ice cream parlor or Claire's (for girls) gift card, might go over well with the older kids

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  • We are also planning a minnie mouse party.

    For the boys & girls I found Mickey Mouse Club House Coloring Books, I was lucky enough to find Mickey, Goofy & Donald on the cover for the boys and Minnie and Daisy on the cover for the girls. I am clipping a bow onto the coloring book for the girls and haven't figured out the boys yet. Good luck!

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  • I did these things for my sons goody bags, Bubbles, Tattoos, Ink Stampers, Wooden whistle (horn) stickers, fun sunglasses, and a bag of animal crackers and one sucker (personalized swirl ones with my son's name  on it.  I bought most everything from oriental trading post online,. I am very happy with how cute they turned out and nothing is cheap old plastic "crapola" that will just be tossed right after.
  • I did color books from Target and a box of crayola crayons or markers along with a box of goldfish. Parents liked it because it wasn't a bunch of Junk. You can get nice thick character color books down the art aisle that are only $2 
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  • Another fun Party Favor is the TickleMe Plant Party Favor. The kids will love growing the only house plant in the world that will closes its leaves one by one or

    all at once when you Tickle It!!  Minutes later the leaves of the TickleMe Plant re-open! Must see and grow

  • I am a fan of favors that hopefully will be used and not just tossed. I saw some great Mickey/Minnie water bottles/sippy cups at BRU. I'd do that. 
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