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3 week growth spurt?

So LO has been fussy all day and wanting to feed constantly. She is three weeks on Thursday. Oh god what am I in for? We just figured out feeding.

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Re: 3 week growth spurt?

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    HZ2012HZ2012 member
    My little guy is goin through it now. He's been eating more, and more often, and sleeping less.
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    I think we are just barely on the other side of a growth spurt. It was tough here the last 36 hours.
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    ALP514ALP514 member
    We just passed the 3 week growth spurt, may the force be with you.

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    . She is three weeks on Thursday. Oh god what am I in for? We just figured out feeding.


    we have birthday buddies- lucky for me he hasn't started this yet 

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    We're in the 3 week growth spurt club, too! She's finally sleeping now, which means she won't sleep much tonight. At least I got a nap in earlier today. Ugh.
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    kmcd23kmcd23 member

    We aren't to three weeks yet, but I swear he had a growth spurt early. A few days ago, he went through a non-stop feeding, almost no sleep phase. I thought I was going to lose my mind. And my nipples paid the price. 

    He slept much more last night, and today he's slept almost all day after his pedi appt. I'm worried for what tonight holds. I should probably go catch some shut eye while I can.

    So glad H will be home for when he actually hits 3 weeks, in case we have a repeat performance. 

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    I think my guy is going through it. But he's 4 weeks today. The last couple days he has wanted to eat almost every hour during the day and every 2 at night. Which means maybe 45 min of sleep for me between. I'm wiped.
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    Yep, we've had it here. It's been going for over a week. My oldest did this, too. Fun times.
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    It will pass!  LO is 4.5 weeks. A nurse friend told me that 6 weeks is typically the next growth spurt, so i'm going to enjoy the sleep while i can 

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