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You were saying?

DH was holding LO after he finished burping her and made the comment about how she doesn't really spit up at all. The moment the sentence was completed she projectile vomited her entire stomach on DH. The look on both their faces was priceless. I laughed to hard I was crying while giving her a bath.
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Re: You were saying?

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    That's awesome!
    Yesterday DH was changing Madeleine, and she projectile pooped all over his hand and arm. He was so grossed out....and then she started peeing, too! I couldn't stop laughing.
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    We had a 2 am projectile vomit!!! So much for keeping everything calm and dark at night. Lol

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    Our baby has done the same thing to my mom and sister! I know our turn is coming and bound to happen pretty soon, but I can't help to laugh sheepishly whenever it happens to somebody else..

    Edited: was supposed to Quote the projectile poo post, and i had missing words.
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    Ds did this to me the other day and my older ds were right next to me. Boy their faces were priceless. All I could do was laugh.
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    I got vomited on yesterday. MH came to the rescue with a towel but wiped me off instead of the baby. I had to tell him to not worry about me. Then I got a shower. LOL
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    DH literally had to run for the bathroom to vomit when he saw me using the nosefrida snotsucker on LO.  I was yelling "do not throw up on this carpet!"  and then laughing hysterically
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    My LO spit up all over my chest and it was running down into my bra and as I was changing him he started crying so I picked him up skin to skin and he did it again.

    His crying made me have a let down so we were both covered in spit up and breast milk. That called for a bath.
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    H and I have both caught poo.
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