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Kendall Regional... Need some Dr help?

Hello All! 

I need some help finding a OBGYN. My husband and I are TTC. When we do get pregnant we would like to look into delivering at Kendall Regional Hospital since it is close to home and I have heard good things about their Maternity ward.  So I visited a OBGYN for my annual exam to get a feel for how I liked the Dr. In the end I was not very comfortable with that doctor, so the search continues. Not only do we want a doctor who delivers at Kendall Regional but one who will also promote natural childbirth. This is something VERY important to us. I want to deliver in a hospital (vs home or birthing center) but I need a doctor who will listen, be patient and embrace a natural delivery. I would love to find a doctor I am comfortable with even before I am find out I am pregnant. Please advise anyway you can, Thank you!




P.S  If you can share your natural childbirth experience at Kendall Regional or any nearby hospital I would really appreciate it!

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